An entitled mom has a full on temper tantrum after being rejected a doll.

Entitled Mom Has Temper Tantrum Over Doll

Absolutely ridiculous.
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mom wants Irish baby name and her mother doesn't like it

Woman Wants Uncommon Baby Name, Mom Not Having It

There are worse names, right?
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An entitled Karen has the audacity to steal customer's drinks, but then glorious instant karma ensues.

Entitled Karen Steals Customer's Drinks, Instant Karma Ensues

The audacity of this Karen genuinely blows the mind.
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wholesome knuckle cracking story about mom who wanted arthritis essay

A Wholesome Tale of A Mom Who Demanded An Arthritis Essay

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deaf couple has wedding in sign language and mom doesn't want that

Couple Has Wedding In Sign Language, Mom Can't Handle It

Not everyone likes irony.
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A terribly entitled mom gets rejected and proceeds to issue ridiculous threats.

Next Level Entitled Mom Gets Rejected, Turns Belligerent

Pull it together, mom.
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Repairman tricks entitled mom | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Longshot79 11 hours ago EK gets us "suspended week oc M Ok work on elevators, and at this time an apprentice working on service jobs with mechanic call him "Rick Now Rick really nice guy got along really well, but he had bit short fuse. Thrown tools were fairly normal if he got frustrated. Anyways were working on an elevator with machinery basement, and some only accessible elevator pit took all steps normally would, put signs on

Entitled Mom Demands to Speak to Elevator Tech's Supervisor, It's Him

Buttons were pressed.
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Mom's search for a new home brings her to Sasquatch. | And like Oh cute even has little -law suite s nice BUT THEN KEPT SCROLLING AND Um hairy person standing on a porch

Mom's Search For New Home Brings Her To Sasquatch

Have to get the place now.
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entitled mom lets kid have tablet at daycare and gets kicked out | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/porosisr 14 hours ago O 18 17 S 15 E 16 2 AITA not changing my rules and terminating care have home daycare like think pretty lenient but do have one big rule: Don't make bad guy understand might have different rules but don't make child resent by not backing dn Anyway, another rule is don't allow outside toys or electronics. Kids can bring stuffed animals nap if they're sleeping on rest mats but don't

Entitled Mom Brings Kid To Daycare With Tablet, Gets Booted

Back in my day we had a stick and a rock. And Tamagatchi.
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Entitled manipulative son cancels mom's job interview and tries to sell her house so he can live rent free at college | Posted by u/Aita333645__ AITA kicking my son out my house after he cancelled my job interview? Not hole Please hear out first single mom (45 20 year old son (Chris) Chris is college. He studies engineering. Being single mom at young age not easy Despite everything been through. Despite my own family giving up on made sure my son got life he deserves

Manipulative Son Tries To Sell Mom's House, Cancels Her Job Interview

Whoa buddy that's a lot to unpack.
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Daughter neglects her teeth, and then the mom refuses to pay for the dental care. | AITA refusing pay my daughter's dental procedures? Not hole My daughter is 24 years old her entire life, she has neglected her teeth. Her dental hygiene is nonexistent, she would refuse brush or floss her teeth at all, wouldn't even use mouthwash. My first thought she may be suffering depression or some sort mental health issue, so immediately took her professionals. However, even after years doctors, therapists,

Daughter Neglects Teeth, Mom Won't Pay For Dental Care

Gotta take care of those teeth.
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chill guy discovers a bear in his mom's car

Guy Gets Panicked Call From Mom, Checks Her Car, Bear's Chillin Inside

Lock those doors, bears love to post up.
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mom doesn't want nanny parenting kids, so nanny lets them destroy the place | Posted by u/RoseGoldFiend Don't try parent my children! oC S nanny small agency and love my job so much. Except dont yesterday took care 4 year old girl 2 year old boy, and 5 month old boy there yesterday and know kids at this age have enough energy make world stop spinning and they tend not listen but damn these kids were TERRIBLE. No control themselves at all. There paint on my

Mom Tells Nanny Not To Parent Her Kids, Regrets It

That can be done.
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Conversation with mom about tattoo that says "i don't know" | kick ass My new tattoo did get Today Why isn't covered They need breath. Only cover first couple hours Oh Make sure keep clean Its nice Thanks lady W did mean don't know Really Yeah Why didn't ask meant don't know kidding right No

Person Explains "I do not know" Tattoo to Mom

It's a bit of a "who's on first."
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Candy stealing mom vegan story | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/MySuperSecretAccnt AITA not telling vegan mom candy she stole my kids and eating, wasn't vegan? This happened on Halloween and day following. My neighbor, 38F (super vegan) has 2 kids 26F) also have 2 kids. My apartment complex didn't do traditional tick or treating on Halloween. Residents were advised set out prepackaged individual candy bags on their patios/front door areas if they wanted participate

Mom Freaks Out When Stolen Candy Isn't Vegan

How the tables turn.
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funny unique family sayings | slothbarns7 More Growing up with an Asian mom working on perfecting her English, she would often say "Aw is suck" instead know sucks Didn't take long us catch on and correct her but so funny just kinda stuck so something is shitty now instinctively say my head "well is suck"

Sayings People Realized Were Unique to Their Families

Some parents get creative.
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