12 reddit images with text surrounding OP and mom's debacle | thumbnail "Now my mom is telling me she's upset that we didn't tell them in person and that my wife wasn't apart of conversation. I explained that my wife was having a rough time and felt uncomfortable with that so I was going to do whatever made her the most comfortable. She is my priority. My mom is insisting that her own needs are just as important in this scenario and that I should've"

Vindictive Mom Tells Son She Is Just As Important As His Pregnant Wife

So much salt
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don't tell your parent stories

People's "Don't Tell Your Mother About This" Moments

Or father. Either one.
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Tumblr story about mom who uses fandom words of power to request help

Tumblr User's Mom Discovers Cosplayer Words Of Power To Summon Aid

Alright that's great.
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An entitled mom singlehandedly ends an engagement and gets banned from a restaurant.

Entitled Mom Ends Engagement And Gets Banned From Restaurant

Wow, the audacity.
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mom demands refund from artist claiming demonic imagery

Mom Demands Refund From Artist After Discovering "Demonic" Imagery

Sure thing lady.
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wife eats cake and doubles down

Wife Takes Slice Of Cake Before Party, Can't Understand Why She's Wrong

Is it that hard?
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woman doesn't understand why she shouldn't let her kids play on historical burial site

Woman Lets Her Kids Climb On Historical Burial Site, Everyone Agrees She's A Jerk

"You have a lot to work on."
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Karen lies about pay to trick babysitter and calls it a typo

Karen Tries To Trick Babysitter By Lying About Pay And Calling It A Typo

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funny parenting memes

Parenting Memes For Those Whose Lives Are Over

Good luck out there.
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late mom gets reported to police by babysitter

Babysitter Reports No-Show Mom To Police, Wonders If She's In The Wrong

Quality parenting.
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line cutters at border get instant karma

Line Cutters At Border Get Instant Customs Karma

Well, isn't it the consequences of my actions.
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funny family memes about growing up

Family Memes About The Joys Of Domestic Life

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retail story about mom who buys all the cereal

Cereal-Flipping Mom Gets Denied Her Obscene Grain Load

Why be like this?
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entitled mom demands flyer entertain her kid, flyer refuses and confrontation ensues

Entitled Mom Demands Fellow Flyer Entertain Her Kid, Flyer Has None Of It

There are a few kinds of flyers.
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wholesome WoW mr rogers observation parenting mom Video - 107145217

Mr. Rogers' Observation Hits Mom Like A Ton Of Bricks

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Entitled mom tries to offer baby sitter same money, assumes she doesn't know math

Entitled Mom Wants Cheap Rate For 4 Kids, Tries To Swindle Babysitter

Here we go.
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