line cutters at border get instant karma

Line Cutters At Border Get Instant Customs Karma

Well, isn't it the consequences of my actions.
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funny family memes about growing up

Family Memes About The Joys Of Domestic Life

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retail story about mom who buys all the cereal

Cereal-Flipping Mom Gets Denied Her Obscene Grain Load

Why be like this?
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entitled mom demands flyer entertain her kid, flyer refuses and confrontation ensues

Entitled Mom Demands Fellow Flyer Entertain Her Kid, Flyer Has None Of It

There are a few kinds of flyers.
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funny parenting memes

Parenting Memes For Those Whose Lives Are Over

Good luck out there.
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wholesome WoW mr rogers observation parenting mom Video - 107145217

Mr. Rogers' Observation Hits Mom Like A Ton Of Bricks

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Entitled mom tries to offer baby sitter same money, assumes she doesn't know math

Entitled Mom Wants Cheap Rate For 4 Kids, Tries To Swindle Babysitter

Here we go.
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An entitled mom has a full on temper tantrum after being rejected a doll.

Entitled Mom Has Temper Tantrum Over Doll

Absolutely ridiculous.
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mom wants Irish baby name and her mother doesn't like it

Woman Wants Uncommon Baby Name, Mom Not Having It

There are worse names, right?
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An entitled Karen has the audacity to steal customer's drinks, but then glorious instant karma ensues.

Entitled Karen Steals Customer's Drinks, Instant Karma Ensues

The audacity of this Karen genuinely blows the mind.
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wholesome knuckle cracking story about mom who wanted arthritis essay

A Wholesome Tale of A Mom Who Demanded An Arthritis Essay

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deaf couple has wedding in sign language and mom doesn't want that

Couple Has Wedding In Sign Language, Mom Can't Handle It

Not everyone likes irony.
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A terribly entitled mom gets rejected and proceeds to issue ridiculous threats.

Next Level Entitled Mom Gets Rejected, Turns Belligerent

Pull it together, mom.
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An entitled mom singlehandedly ends an engagement and gets banned from a restaurant.

Entitled Mom Ends Engagement And Gets Banned From Restaurant

Wow, the audacity.
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Repairman tricks entitled mom | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Longshot79 11 hours ago EK gets us "suspended week oc M Ok work on elevators, and at this time an apprentice working on service jobs with mechanic call him "Rick Now Rick really nice guy got along really well, but he had bit short fuse. Thrown tools were fairly normal if he got frustrated. Anyways were working on an elevator with machinery basement, and some only accessible elevator pit took all steps normally would, put signs on

Entitled Mom Demands to Speak to Elevator Tech's Supervisor, It's Him

Buttons were pressed.
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Mom's search for a new home brings her to Sasquatch. | And like Oh cute even has little -law suite s nice BUT THEN KEPT SCROLLING AND Um hairy person standing on a porch

Mom's Search For New Home Brings Her To Sasquatch

Have to get the place now.
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