AITA for attending my son's ex-girlfriend's graduation over his own?

Mom Lets Son's Ex-Girlfriend Stay With Her, Then Attends Her Graduation Instead of His

At first, it seemed like this woman was a saint. Then, it became clear that she straight up liked her son's ex more than her son.
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childcare crazy mother failbook facebook mom karen choosing beggar hun - 17817349

Insane Choosing Beggar Wants to Pay Less Than $3/Hr For Childcare

A single mother posted this message to a Facebook group, requesting a childcare provider capable and willing to work for less than $3 an hour. The concerning thing here is that the poster is quick to share all of the problems that they are currently dealing with as justification for paying such a miserably low rate. Yet, not once do they take any ownership for any part of their situation. Every problem they have is described as being the fault of something/someone other than themselves. These s…
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karen mom revenge homeowner pro revenge hoa - 17816837

Disgruntled Homeowner Takes Down Fake HOA From the Inside

Where was all that money going?
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Imagine this being your mom.

'I am his mother, and I get to decide what people call him': Karen sets up meeting with principal because she doesn't like her son's nickname at school

This Mom was so determined to make sure her 7-year-old son would never be called Andy, but rather the original Andrew, that she set up numerous school meetings to correct the matter.
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revenge coworkers petty revenge workplace mom coworker - 17502981

Double Revenge: Worker Complains About Terrible Coworker to Mom, Mom Tells Them to Harden Up, They Orchestrate Them Working Together

Two birds with one stone.
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relatable, parenting, mom, mother, mothers, moms, vacation, day off, summer, summer vacation, chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry, wine, karen, karen video

Relatable Mom Goes Viral for for Showing How Mom’s Never Actually Get a Vacation From Being a Mom, Especially While Vacationing

Oh, the joys of parenting.
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woman picks mother to be in room during birth over husband

Expecting Mom Chooses Her Mother To Be In Delivery Room Over Husband, Doesn't Understand Why He Is Upset

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entitled mom tries stealing iPad using kid as excuse

Entitled Mom Steals iPad, Caught When It Starts Dinging In Her Purse

Oh yeah, that.
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husband secretly tries to bring mom on trip

Husband Secretly Books His Mom On Husband/Wife Vacation, Wife Nopes Out Of Trip

That's all bad.
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funny parenting memes

Parenting Tweets For The Ones Out There Doing Their Best

Good work, probably.
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woman skips mother's 5th wedding for job interview, gets job

Woman Skips Mother's 5th Wedding For Job Interview, Internet Supports It

Seems like it was the better choice.
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plant mom's family steals and sell plants

Plant Mom's Sister-In-Law and Niece Say They'll Watch Plants, Cut Up And Sell The Pieces

That's a bundle.
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entitled mom demands martial artist not use leg brace

Entitled Mom Demands Martial Artist Remove Knee Brace, Says It's A Competitive Edge

Thanks, lady.
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assigned-seat public transportation story entitled ticket seat mom train - 16131333

Entitled Mom Takes Stranger's Reserved Seat, Doesn't Understand Why He's Upset

A simple rule of ticketed transportation is to sit where you actually have a reserved ticket to sit at. People don't always follow that rule, and that's not even a big deal as long as they recognize they're in the wrong place when someone does actually arrive to sit in their designated seat and move. Unfortunately, sometimes people don't, like this Redditor u/Trainnightmare. This user posted to r/AmITheAsshole to ask whether they were in the wrong for sitting in reserved seats with her two chil…
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12 reddit text images mom aita for not wanting to apologize to daughter over injury | thumbnail "AITA for not being sorry that I didn't believe my daughter's knee was hurting? She said she would help me, and I told her we could take her to the emergency room if her knee still hurt by the time the yard work was done. We worked the whole weekend, and she complained a lot, but I was almost certain that she would magically be better by the end of the weekend. This morning though, she said"

Manipulative Mom Thinks Daughter Is Lying About Injury, Forces Her To Do Yardwork, ER Visit 3 Days Later Confirms Sprain

Middle fingers up
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12 reddit images with text surrounding OP and mom's debacle | thumbnail "Now my mom is telling me she's upset that we didn't tell them in person and that my wife wasn't apart of conversation. I explained that my wife was having a rough time and felt uncomfortable with that so I was going to do whatever made her the most comfortable. She is my priority. My mom is insisting that her own needs are just as important in this scenario and that I should've"

Vindictive Mom Tells Son She Is Just As Important As His Pregnant Wife

So much salt
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