egg explodes in person's face after microwaving it for 5 minutes

Hungry Doofus Microwaves Egg For 5 Minutes, Suffers Eggsplosion

It happens.
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spike whoops spikes oops lol dumb mistake stupid police - 107723777

Cop Leaves Trunk Open, Spike Strips Fall Out, Reverses Over Them

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guy gets "Charlie" tattooed on arm, it's his fictional child's name before breaking up

Guy Gets Theoretical Future Child's Name Tattooed On Arm, Breaks Up

That's rough.
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manager has all staff persona phone calls go through her

Manager Demands All Personal Phone Calls Go Through Her, Backfires Immediately

What a brilliant idea.
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guy borrows wife's money for sisters wedding dress and doesn't get it back

Dude Loans Sister 5K Of His Wife's Money, Doesn't Get It Back

Why'd you go and do that, bud?
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"you had one job" moments of not properly installed things

36 "You Had One Job" Moments Of Professional Nonconformity

Wow, it's so imperfect.
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ex gives her dog to pound and it gets adopted

Ex Gives Her Dog To Shelter "For Safekeeping," Gets Adopted

That's not how that works.
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wholesome cringe lol twitch mistake funny Video linkin park - 107647489

Twitch Reporter Doesn't Realize She's Talking To Mike Shinoda Of Linkin Park

A better kind of "do you know who I am?"
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girlfriend doesn't like that boyfriend was play fighting with her, breaks up with him

Girlfriend Breaks Up With Guy For "Lying" About His Strength

That's a lot to unpack.
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funny design failures

Stupid Design Failures That Deserve Criticism

There might be an issue here.
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whoops FAIL server tray garbage oops restaurant lol mistake funny - 107619329

Server Gracefully And Effortlessly Tips Entire Tray Of Food Into Garbage

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Boss insists spellcheck is broken, employee fixes it, and he writes gibberish

Boss Insists Spellcheck Is Broken, Has It "Fixed," Makes Gibberish Until Fired

Good ol' hubris.
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mistakes, mishaps and fails

25 Fail-Laden Moments Of Blunderrific Chaos

Life is a wild ride.
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repairman lets strange dog into customer's house

Repair Tech Lets Nice Dog Into Customer's House, Both Think It's The Other's Dog

Confidence can take you anywhere.
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movie plot holes and frustrating details

Frustrating Plot Holes And Movie Details That People Can't Stand

Ah, the Santa problem.
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guy kisses his deaf friend when he thinks she wants to

In Terrible Blunder, Guy Misreads Lip Reading and Kisses Deaf Friend

She might be deaf but he's bloody blind.
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