husband leaves wife in economy class to take business class seat

Dude Ditches Wife In Economy Class, Wonders Why She's Mad

It's a 12 hour flight.
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wtf whoops accident cars crash mistake - 107825921

Driving Student Son Flips Car At Remarkably Low Speed

Maybe none of us should feel so bad for scuffing some paint off of our parent's cars in high school. So pat yourself on the back everyone, for not overturning your dad's car at two miles an hour. And if you have done this, maybe feel a little bad about yourself.
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news FAIL lol truck lake boat mistake - 107184385

Truck Rolls Down Boat Launch Into Lake During News Broadcast

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funny english fails and spelling mistakes

Blunderous Foibles of The English Language

It's a hard language, man.
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FAIL embarrassing mistake - 15836677

Horrifically Embarrassing Mistakes That Left People Stunned

Be glad you aren't these people.
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wtf FAIL accident porsche motorcycle mistake - 107773697

Motorcyclist Tries To Race Porsche, Goes For Wheelie, Totals Bike

This guy did a magnificent roll as his bike exploded, and it's remarkable that he was able to walk around after this. But once that adrenaline wore off he most likely discovered that his body could be sore in ways he never thought possible.
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ridiculous spelling failures

Brutal Spelling Failures That Make Us Rethink People In General

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Netflix makes a mistake and gives person free access for almost ten years

Error Grants Person Free Netflix for Years

Well, if they insist.
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mistakes, messes and chaos

Unfortunate Moments Of Failure And Chaos

Thanks, life.
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stories about people's wedding objections

Awkward Wedding Objections That People Witnessed

Why wait until the last minute?
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funny not my job moments

"Not My Job" Moments of Unprofessional Laziness

That'll do.
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veteran accidentally autoplays adult video during interview

Veteran Suffers Horrifying Humiliation When Video Autoplays on His Phone During Appointment

Absolute nightmare fuel.
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egg explodes in person's face after microwaving it for 5 minutes

Hungry Doofus Microwaves Egg For 5 Minutes, Suffers Eggsplosion

It happens.
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spike whoops spikes oops lol dumb mistake stupid police - 107723777

Cop Leaves Trunk Open, Spike Strips Fall Out, Reverses Over Them

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guy gets "Charlie" tattooed on arm, it's his fictional child's name before breaking up

Guy Gets Theoretical Future Child's Name Tattooed On Arm, Breaks Up

That's rough.
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manager has all staff persona phone calls go through her

Manager Demands All Personal Phone Calls Go Through Her, Backfires Immediately

What a brilliant idea.
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