'Who Put You In Charge?' 33 Dreadfully Dumb Design Fails That Probably Got Someone Fired

'Who Put You In Charge?': 33 Dreadfully Dumb Design Fails That Probably Got Someone Fired

It wasn't me.
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chaos failure misfortune

25 Chaotic Times Misfortune Struck People's Lives

It's just nonstop.
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radio station request line mix-up revenge

Radio Station Won't Fix Phone Mix-up, Dad Starts Telling People They've Won Free Cars

It was effective.
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funny design fails

25 Dumb Design Failures That Need To Think About What They've Done

Who dares carpet a bathroom.
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guy misses space call because of caller ID

Guy Gets Call From Actual Space, Sees "Us Gov" Caller ID, Lets It Go To Voicemail

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funny story about wrong numbers for chinese restaurant

Idiot Insists Guy’s House is a Chinese Restaurant, Gets Served Justice

What is there to expect.
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woman gets operable cancer diagnosis, friends shave heads, turns out she doesn't need chemo

Woman Gets Cancer Diagnosis, Friends Shave Heads In Solidarity, Turns Out She Doesn't Need Chemo

Those are good friends.
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ruined wedding stories

People Share Times They Attended A Ruined Wedding

There's a spectrum.
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funny not my job moments

Not My Job Moments Of Unprofessional Absurdity

Close enough.
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customer won't respond to water guy, gets 800 gallons of water in living room

Customer Refuses To Acknowledge Water Guy's Concerns, Gets House Flooded

"As per my email."
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funny things that didn't age well

Various Things That Didn't Age So Well

Gotta love hindsight.
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manager makes mistakes, dishwasher quits and restaurant has to close because dishes pile up

Manager Pushes Their Mistake Onto Dishwasher, Staff Quits, Restaurant Has To Close

A tale as old as employment.
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times people didn't understand jokes

Embarrassing Times People Tragically Didn't Get The Joke

Think about it.
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risky decisions that people are dealing with the consequences of

People Share Their "Screw It, I'll Deal With It Later" Moments

Risky business.
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times people realized something was illegal

Times People Had "Wait, That Was Illegal" Moments

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funny mistaken customer stories

Mistaken Customers Who Were In The Wrong Place

Good going.
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