No Hot Food Today

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This Pleases Our Hot Pocket Overlords

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When No One Cleans the Office Microwave

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Your Dream of a Freezerwave Will Never Come True

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No Science Allowed

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That Handle Can Be Used Elsewhere

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Instant Cats! Just Add Water!

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The Wave Lengths of a Microwave

science funny microwave g rated School of FAIL - 7677411328

This Cooking Tip Will Change Your Life

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What is This "Stove" You Speak Of?

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Protip: This Does Not Actually Work

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Consider That Myth (And My Phone) Busted

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Please Don't Try This and Blame it on Me

smartphones battery science funny microwave g rated School of FAIL - 7522086144

Do You WANT Us All to Die?

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The Microwave is a Doomsday Device?

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I Have Priorities

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