Music FAILS: Two Minutes to Defrost

g rated iron maiden metal microwave Music FAILS pun - 6008527872

But Can It Warm Food?

computer microwave - 5907838464
cooking explosion food g rated microwave restaurant Video win YT video - 32850689

WIN!: Microwaves are Terrible WIN

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Maybe powering kitchen appliances with a particle accelerator was a bad idea

microwave toaster - 5736810240
Created by HeavyMetalJesus

Need to Fix an "Open" Button on the Microwave? I Think You Nailed It

button door hammer microwave - 5716510464
Created by Unknown

Autocowrecks: Microwaving My Phone, Txt It

autocowreck gifs g rated Hall of Fame microwave mobile phones scary - 5672390144

There I Fixed It: Screw Your No Microwave Policy

DIY dual use g rated hotel microwave there I fixed it - 5595917056

No Wonder It Kept Making That Buzzing Sound

microwave parenting parents technology TV - 5525986560
Hall of Fame microwave neat not a kludge Video - 29555201

LOL While You Nuke

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You should have seen what happened to the last stapler

microwave stapler - 5424909312
Created by carsonjrogers

Do You Really Want to Be Responsible For Setting the Building On Fire?

broken fire food kitchen microwave Office - 5409758720
Created by Unknown

CLASSIC: Burn Baby Burn

cannibalism classic cooking failboat g rated Hall of Fame microwave - 5278135296
See all captions Created by Ricky

The Word's Most Expensive Microwave

apple products dual use food Hall of Fame laptop microwave - 5081103360
Via Bit Rebels

A Red Sticky Day

breakroom microwave post it sticky - 5001422336
Created by Unknown

Microwave Setting FAIL

cooking failboat g rated Hall of Fame microwave wtf - 4995393280
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Sticker FAIL

books g rated Harry Potter instructions microwave what - 4962183680
See all captions Created by yibble2