Bombs Away!

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Created by Luis
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Ivory Soap + Microwave = Alien Birth

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Did Somebody Say Free Stuff?

pro tip trolling sun free stuff microwave failbook g rated - 8449776384
Created by AJ Turbo
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10 Cooking Hacks That Only Take a Microwave!

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Microwave Privileges: Revoked

microwave facepalm what life hacks failbook g rated - 8416666368
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"The Box Top Looks Too Plain...Throw Some Random Stock Image on There"

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Microwaves, Now With Added Time Travel!

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There Go Your Plans For a Hot Lunch

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How Well Done do You Want Those Frozen Burritos?

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You Wanted a Hot Lunch? Too Bad

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Should You Not Stand in Front of Your Microwave?

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Microwave Time is Different from the Time You and I Experience

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Created by Unknown
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Why Can't You Put Metal in the Microwave?

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So Tempting

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The Lord of the Tubers Returns

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This Microwave Needs a Little Rearrangement

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