fiance demands he support her lie about meeting and house

Woman Demands That Her Fiancé Publicly Support Her Psychotic Lie About How They Met

It's okay to say you met on a dating app.
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32 cringeworthy wedding photos | thumbnail left wedding cake falling, thumbnail right wedding crew falling into water

30 Cringeworthy Wedding Fails Caught On Camera

The most special day of a lifetime, right?
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Husband confesses to swapping his wife's cat while they were dating

Guilty Husband Confesses to Swapping His Oblivious Wife’s Cat For A Better-Behaved Doppelgänger

How did she never notice???
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husband won't eat food and puts it in garbage

Wife Cooks Food For Her Family, Husband Won't Eat It And Throws It All Out

There's a red flag.
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entitled restaurant wife impersonates husband to fire employee after not getting free food

Wife Thinks Husband Is Restaurant Manager, Demands Free Meals, Fires Employee

That's not how that works.
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Man's coworker brings him meals every day, and his wife tells her to stop | AITA telling my husband's colleague stop bringing him meals she cooks everyday? Not hole F35 been married my husband Tom M32 three years recently moved new home about 4 months ago and he started his new position at private company and met new people who became friends with him outside work. His work colleague claire is bit intrusive and doesn't really respect boundaries. She'd bring meals my husband at work pretty

Man's Coworker Brings Him Meals Every Day, Wife Tells Coworker To Stop

Very, very strange.
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marriage relationships cheating divorce - 15567109

Ex-Husband’s Trophy Wife Demands Woman Pays Back Alimony, Instead She Chooses Vengeance

"Yes, let me pay you thousands of dollars that the court has determined you owe to me just because your personal assistant turned girlfriend asked me to."
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marriage relationships parenting wedding - 15515141

Delusional Husband Insists His Wife Should Stay Home With the Kids So He Can Attend HER Brother’s Wedding

This guy is so off-based when he insists his wife stays home with the kids so that he can attend her brother's wedding.
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marriage relationships chores - 15489029

Wife Takes A Stand and Refuses to Do All the Work Around the House, Unappreciative Husband is Stunned

Woman stops doing chores around the house to teach husband a lesson in appreciation.
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parenting, relationships, stay at home, marriage, argument

Husband Attempts to Convince His Wife That It’s Her Job to Get Up at 5AM and Make Him Breakfast and She’s Not Having It

AITA for refusing to get up at 5 to make my husband breakfast as part of my stahm routine?
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Husband sells his wife's antique tea set to buy a new gaming chair, so his wife sells his Xbox.

Husband Sells Wife's Antique Tea Set To Buy Gaming Chair, Wife Sells Husband's Xbox

What a mess.
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Bride's brother gives her $5K, she asks for $20K instead.

Bride's Brother Offers Her $5K Wedding Gift, She Asks For $20K

A surreal level of entitlement with this one.
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Woman's estranged brother decides to get married on her wedding day, and she refuses to change her wedding date.

Woman's Estranged Brother Decides To Get Married On Her Wedding Day, She Refuses To Move Wedding

The audacity though.
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Brother-in-law gets told to leave after handing out wedding invitations at groom's wedding.

Groom's Brother-In-Law Hands Out Wedding Invitations At His Wedding, Gets Told To Leave

Dude, seriously not cool at all.
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Man fails to check smoothie ingredients, and gets blindsided by all the creatine.

Man Fails To Check Smoothie Ingredients, Gets Blindsided By All The Creatine

So much ouch in one smoothie.
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Ex-wife demands 75% of a man's pay during a nasty divorce, he quits his job, and a petty revenge ensues.

Ex-Wife Demands 75% of Husband's Pay In Divorce, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Fair to say he got the last laugh.
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