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Boss Lies, Refuses To Pay $250 Bonus, Whole Night Crew Walks Out

Isn't it strange how if your work steals from you, they don't go to jail? When this dude found out that his boss had no intention of making good on an agreement, and blamed the employees for a problem he himself created, everyone got fed up and decided to finally make it the boss's problem. And it became a pretty big problem. For some more justice, here's the employee who had their vacation messed with and resigned while their boss lost money hand over fist.
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Manager Goes on Vacation Without Giving Subordinate Crucial Files, Costs Company Key Client

"It’s your coworker’s fault, but it’s your responsibility."
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Employee Quits, Delusional Manager Schedules Them For Shift, Threatens Write Up

Is there a better way to tell a former boss “you have no power here” than just laughing in their stupid face? Imagine thinking you have direct control over a person who's no longer an employee. They gave a meaningless threat just to watch their illusion of control crumble apart in their hands. For another absurd ex-manager, here's the ex-manager who tried to get an ex-employee to serve a Karen.
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New Owner Fires Top Employee For Misconduct Using Fabricated Lies, He Sues and Watches Company Dissolve

Save a dollar. Lose a fortune.
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Dejected Construction Foreman Doubles Their Salary After Greedy Company Refuses to Give Them a Raise, Costs Company a $3 Million Client

Just pay your workers a fair wage Brian.
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Karen Boss Tries Sabotaging Employee, They Stop Doing Her Job For Her

It all went downhill from there.
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Essential Engineer Fired For His New Supervisor's Malicious Mistake, Hired Back On Steep Contract Rate When Company Faces Millions in Losses

He should have asked for more!
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Technician Has Had Enough of Poor Working Conditions and Unfair Compensation, Sends Email Detailing List of Demands for 2022

This worker knows what they are worth.
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Ridiculous Rule For Calling in Sick Gets Unsurprisingly Changed When Worker Calls in Sick at 5 AM

What else did this manager think was going to happen?
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Useless Ex-Manager Tries To Get Ex-Employee To Serve Karen Customer

Yeah, no.
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Unhinged Manager Fires Employee After He Asks For A Raise

Probably not the desired outcome...
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Overworked and Irreplaceable Laborer Gets Even, Negotiates What He’s Owed After Working 90+ Hour Weeks

This guy gets a fat paycheck after being forced to work both shifts when management refuses to hire another worker.
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Woman Suffers Massive Brain Freeze During Interview and Locks Arms With the CEO of the Company Like They're BFFs

One of those moments that will keep you awake at night for the rest of your life.
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Insane Boss Tries to Fire Woman For "Being Pregnant", Police Get Involved, Meltdown Ensues

Are we surprised that a politician would pull something like this?
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Guy Shows Up to Interview 10 Minutes Early, Gets Told He's Not Being Interviewed "Because He Was Late", Reports Them to Corporate

What hope does your company have when this idiot is running the interviews?
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Insane Boss Asks Employee to Come Into Work During Vacation Because They Are "Short-Staffed"

"But we're SO short-staffed!"
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