MaliciousCompliance | Reddit | Bill is called into a meeting and told he will be let go. They tell the changes will occur in a month and he will stay on to then. When he queries why he is been let go he is told his work is not valuable and does not contribute to the workforce. He is told his work is worthless to the firm. He is plainly told if he didn’t do it no one will know.

'No value in your work': Analyst laid off because no one understands his job, goes exactly as you might expect

It's not uncommon for your boss to completely misunderstand what your job is or how you do it; Depending on how connected they are to the inner workings of your trade they might not even understand why your job exists at all. This rule gets exponentially more accurate the more you move up the chain. Usually, direct middle-managers have at least done the base-level productive role that they're managing; or at least something similar at some point in their lives. Executives though are likely to h…
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So what if there's a fire? Ring up my groceries!

Cranky Old Male Karen Refuses to Leave Grocery Store When There's a Fire

You know it's time to quit when there's a fire in the grocery store and you're made to stay because a cranky Karen needs their chicken stock!
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"dumb employee is dumb"

Office Supply Store Employee Given Horrible Review, Gets Revenge on Evil Manager

Some managers are just asking to be treated this way.
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r/ProRevenge | Company fs over long-term employees and my boss's act of revenge helps me start a freelance media company for pennies on the dollar | For legal reasons, I can't disclose the exact location.

Manager Sells $400k of Electronics to Employees at 90% Off in Order to Get Revenge on Shady CEO's Plot

A nefarious plot by the CEO to lay off all workers at a chain electronic store triggered a rebellion by the store's manager that would send the corporate entity reeling. Is this a plot line written by George RR Martin? Or a modern retelling of Robin Hood? You be the judge! It's no secret that CEOs and others in similar positions of unchecked power often use said power to line their coffers and fill the wallets of their closest friends and allies. It's not above them to make closed-door deals th…
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Found this at a local restaurant

Local Serranos Enforces New Rule To Leave Your Karens at Home

Adios, Karens! Enjoy your stay at the Motel 6 around the corner!
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coworkers Horrible Bosses manager management work workplace antiwork toxic-workplace - 17872901

'You don’t need to clock in until 8:30': Employer refuses to pay employee for 2.5 hour training session

There's nothing more infuriating and invalidating than being undervalued or underpaid for your work. Bonus points when an employer or client just flat-out refuses to pay you or tries to gaslight you into ing you less. Well, when Redditor u/cleverbiscuit1738 was called into their place of work at 6 am for training they were told by their manager that they “Don't need to punch in until 8:30" while being abruptly whisked away from the punch-in clock. Their shift didn't usually start until 8:30 and…
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I quit and my boss is withholding my check and had her husband cuss me out

Massage Therapist Quits, Owner Has Husband Step In To Intimidate Her

This spa owner clearly doesn't know what the labor board is capable of.
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Officially reached my bull$h*t limit

Bartender Gets Revenge on Her Boss During Her Final Month at the Restaurant

It's the unapologetic pettiness that really get me.
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‘Except you didn’t get fired’: Woman Calls Out Tiktoker for Pretending to Get Fired From Her Job for Views

‘Except you didn’t get fired’: Woman Calls Out TikToker for Pretending to Get Fired From Her Job for Views

Now that's embarrassing
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malicious compliance revenge antiwork toxic-workplace manager reddit thread Reddit - 17037573

Manager Told to Shift Focus By Boss, Watches Youtube Videos Instead

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/maliciouscompliance subreddit by Redditor u/Intrigued_Alpaca_93, Scroll on for screenshots of the full story and the reader’s reactions. Keep scrolling for screenshots of u/Intrigued_Alpaca_93's story and Reddit's reactions.
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Greatest Hits: Meddling Middle-Manager Tries to 'Lean Up' Team and Push Higher Workloads, Team Leader Won’t Let That Fly

This team leader realized they needed to take a stand when their meddling middle manager tried to increase their bonus by leaning up their team and pushing higher volumes of work onto fewer people. So, this effective and compassionate team leader pulled each of their team members aside and instructed them not to put hours of their own unpaid time into extra projects to appease the higher-ups. Their silent suffering and extra effort would do nothing but convince the higher-ups that they had made…
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boss workplace-stories manager malicious compliance revenge managers workplace Horrible Bosses reddit thread Reddit funny - 17781509

Manager Demands Their Inferior Process is Followed, Predictable Outcome Ensues

There is something about being a manager that makes you think you know better than the actual people doing the work. Maybe it's in the way that even a tiny semblance of power links neurons in their brain that cause them to overestimate their knowledge and abilities. This dreadful disorder of “manager-ism” afflicts many a manager you might have encountered. This is how it was for Reddit user u/AdElectrical5354 in a story they shared with Reddit's popular r/maliciouscompliance subreddit. Their ma…
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Engineers throw their own party when they're not allowed to attend the company party.

'Smelly' Engineers Get Disinvited From Company Party, Host Bigger One of Their Own and Expense Everything

When these engineers weren't invited by the CEO to the company party, they instead threw a party of their own with the help of the VP charging it all to the company card.
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Messages from crazy manager firing the entire staff and making them interview if they want their job back. Local dive bar drama blowing up today.

'Everyone is terminated:' New manager at local dive bar fires literally everyone and makes them re-interview.

Everyone has had an experience with a crazy, vaguely threatening manager. But not everyone has had this one.
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employee boss Horrible Bosses manager workplace viral managers antiwork Reddit reddit thread - 17720581

'Attention! We DO NOT get our tips!': Worker exposes thieving boss by posting forbidden sign in their workplace in viral thread

A worker uploaded this viral image of a sign they posted at the coffee shop where they work. The sign instructs patrons not to leave tips as they will be stolen by the owner of the coffee shop. "I'm probably going to be fired for this… but I don't care," the employee claims in the title of their thread.
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antiwork toxic-workplace manager managers workplace Horrible Bosses reddit thread Reddit police - 17687813

Viral Thread: Insane GM Comes to Workers House and Calls the Police When They Go Home Sick

This General Manager saw fit to visit their worker's home, called her mother, and even called the police for a welfare check after she went home sick, all part of a malicious ploy to punish her for going home sick.
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