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funny bad life hacks and life pro tips | Life Hack cutting bagels put finger stabilization hole keep steady | Life Pro Tip Replace cat litter box with an amazon box s full, tape up and place on front porch someone steal.

Inadvisable Life Hacks That Won't Make Anyone's Life Much Better

Life is not a game.
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psychological tricks

Psychological Tricks To Get The Most Out of Social Situations

People are complex, sort of.
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funny bad stupid life pro tips and dumb life hacks

Bad Life Pro Tips That Likely Won't Help

They're dumb.
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stupid funny pro tips

Stupid Life Pro Tips To Really Jack Up Your Life

Please don't.
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People describe their favorite ways to escape reality.

People's Favorite Ways To Escape Reality

These might come in handy at some point.
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behaviors that make men unattractive instantly

People Share Features That Instantly Make Men Less Attractive

What makes a person attractive is subjective, but like, man brush your teeth.
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insects mother nature ftw awesome life hacks mother nature ants Video - 107469313

Man Provides Life Hack On Ridding Yard Of Ants With Mother Nature

Pretty neat.
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A collection of tips about how to navigate life that could be helpful.

Important Tips To Help Get A Leg Up On Life

These might come in handy.
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funny stupid life hacks and life pro tips

Hilariously Absurd and Dumb Life Pro Tips To Not Do

Don't do this.
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A collection of helpful guy tips that every dude should know.

Helpful Guy Tips Every Dude Should Know

These could come in handy.
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A funny and relatable Tumblr thread about how to adult effectively.

Tumblr Thread: Hacks On Adulting Effectively

Adulting is easier said than done.
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Guy pulls together the 10 best pieces of advice that he could find from an informative AskReddit thread.

Guy Crowdsources 10 Best Pieces Of Advice From Reddit

These could come through in the clutch.
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customer service controversial McDonald's life hacks ridiculous Video tiktok - 2715398

TikToker Ignites Backlash Over Sketchy McDonald's "Hack"

Straight up criminal behavior.
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dumb advice people got

The Stupidest Advice People Received

Absolutely amazing.
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life hacks askreddit - 15157765

People Share The Change They Made To Their Lives That They Wish They Made Sooner

These are the changes that people wish they had made sooner because of their amazing results.
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funny good ideas

Mostly Pretty Good Ideas From Brilliant Geniuses

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
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