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A collection of absolutely terrible life pro tips | Retweeted Health Badvice @BadHealthAdvice Remember: taking vegetables off double bacon cheeseburger decreases amount calories consumed

Bad Life Pro Tips With Zero Shame

Nobody in their right mind would use these.
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A Tumblr thread with various life hacks to adult effectively | Some shit about life bonafide adult even if get along great with family will get along even better with them after moving out generic is almost always just as good as name brand. But there are some things never buy generic, including: peanut butter, ketchup, liquid NyQuil, Chips- Ahoy chewy chocolate chip cookies just imagine person on other end phone hates talking on phone as much as do. Even receptionist worked as one and hate talk

Tumblr Thread: Life Hacks To Adult Effectively

Adulting is overrated, but we've gotta do it.
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An AskReddit thread on various survival tips that people should know | Fried_Dace 19h Every part dandelion flower stem root, is edible. Reply 4.0k

Surprisingly Unknown Survival Facts People Should Know

These might come in handy at some point.
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A collection of polite ways to end conversations with chatterboxes | _zugunruhe_ 12h 2 Awards If cannot get word best thing do is drop something which typically leads person stop talking, giving break say forgot needed do something. Reply 7.7k

Most Polite Ways To End Conversations

Helpful to have in one's back pocket.
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People describe various loopholes that they discovered and exploited | go_do_that_thing 1d Mc Cheapy. McFlurries were like 4 bucks. All is is ice cream cup with some shots topping. They dont even mix So asked soft serve, 30c, two shots toppings 1 cup and spoon (free) Reply 319

Loopholes People Found And Exploited

Loopholes are the real life cheat codes.
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A collection of life hacks that might come in handy to get a leg up on life | u/Jajaninetynine 1y 1 Award LPT: If fire alarm goes off, call pets and give them treat. Eventually they will come alarm goes off, saving wasting time looking pets during an evacuation. Animals Pets

Life Pro Tips That Are Real Life Cheat Codes

Might actually get a leg up on this game called life.
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funny life hack mcdonald's

Devious Dudes Discover Clutch McDonald's Hack

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Wholesome advice from middle age people to young people | JayParty 8.8k points 3 days ago 10 More Don't fall trap life needs be one long narrative should be building. Life is best s bunch happy moments just happen be connected. Don't try make life into novel, make book poems.

Wholesome Advice for People In Their 20s

Oh yeah and start flossing.
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A collection of life hacks that can be helpful for people | LPT can add "Time Magazine's Person Year 2006 CV works as good conversation starter during Interviews and is true, since Time Magazine made person year 2006.

Life Pro Tips To Get A Leg Up On The Game

If applied right, they're almost like cheat codes.
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A collection of life pro tips that are helpful for people navigating the world | LPT Advice on managing extended periods away World Learning submariner 6 years with multiple deployments 6 months and other extended underways multiple months with short -port stints between time had develop coping strategies dealing with isolation and loss social contact with outside World. Here's learned: 1. Hold fast whatever is waiting on other side doesn't matter feels foolish, or whether there is certainty hap

Life Pro Tips To Ace Your Existence

Loving the life pro tips about navigating isolation.
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Retail workers describe their best methods for passing the time while at work | reddit posted by Bo-Po-Mo-Fo worked retail used go out and sloooowwwwly gather carts.

Retail Workers' Best Methods For Passing Time

Best way to pass the time is to forget about it.
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Intentionally bad life pro tips that will help people by not helping them at all | @Michael1979 Tech tip people who are not as good at computers as Let's say find handy webpage want return later. Instead memorising address every time, write on post- note and stick computer so can quickly type next time. Easy! e https en. Wiki/Horse spaces, all one word Horse WIKIPEDIA Co

Bad Life Pro Tips For The Existential Crisis

More fuel for the existential crisis fire.
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AskReddit replies to people's best fake sick advice | pug wrapped up on a blanket post by berks99 If hang head off bed upside down will sound very congested!

People's Best "Fake Sick" Advice

Never know when a fake sick day might be absolutely necessary.
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A collection of tweets from people sharing their most helpful lessons from therapy | tweet by Ttown316 Replying CarolineMoss are not responsible version they created their mind.

People's Favorite Lessons From Therapy (36 Tweets)

Never know when these calming tips might come in handy.
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Life pro tips to help people out in life | r/LifeProTips JOIN u/r00girl 28d 202 81 61 2 3 6 LPT; De-Escalating Karen Learning Social TL:DR bystander victim/ harasser conflict good way de escalate and show support is engage friendly conversation with victim. Especially if aren't comfortable engaging aggressor.

Life Pro Tips To Get A High Score In Life

Carpe that diem with some life pro tips.
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A collection of helpful life hacks from back in the 90s | a4 paper printed with direction and taped to a car's dashboard. Use sites like MapQuest print directions where heading, Never get lost again!

Nostalgic 90s Life Hacks

Oh how the times have changed.
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