funny memes and stories of kids being strange and dumb | all my child hood pictures are ruined because my stupid ass thought funny be undertaker so 70 my old photos are like this | stunningpicture kid liked strawberries so much would eat them untilI got sick. Here is one those times.

Too Much Proof That Kids are Dumb and Weird

They're strange people.
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funny memes about parenting, kids and families

Parenting Memes For The Always Exhausted

So much fun.
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funny memes about having children and being a parent

Parenting Memes For The Perpetually Stressed

Distract yourself from the stress of having a family with memes about the stress of having a family.
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stories and images of kids being stupid and weird

Proof That Kids Are Strange, Dumb People

Some real brilliance going on here.
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funny times kids were weird and dumb

Conclusive Proof That Kids Are Dumb And Weird

What's their deal?
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parkour scary wtf Terrifying kids osha building unsafe - 107576065

Kids Playing On High-Rise Rooftops Is A Big Yikes

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greedy 9 year old Halloween kid has to give candy away

Kid Gets Greedy On Halloween, Parent Makes Him Give His Candy Away

The internet judged.
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funny parenting memes

Parenting Memes For Those Whose Lives Are Over

Good luck out there.
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parents stories of looking away for a second as their kid does something bad

Parents and Their "I Just Looked Away For a Second" Moments

Aaaand they're gone.
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late mom gets reported to police by babysitter

Babysitter Reports No-Show Mom To Police, Wonders If She's In The Wrong

Quality parenting.
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funny things people believed as kids

Ridiculous And Dumb Things People Believed As Kids

Hey, we learned eventually.
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dumb and funny things kids did

Funny Signs Kids Are Dumb As Heck

Who knows, maybe they'll turn out okay.
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nephews fed vegan food for a week, mom has a meltdown

Nephews Fed Vegan Food, Mom Has Meltdown, Calls It Abuse

Oh, cool.
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A collection of highly entertaining parenting memes.

Parenting Memes For The World's Sleep-Deprived Parents

Parenting's quite the emotional rollercoaster.
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funny moments of kids being stupid

Signs Kids Are Dumber Than Bushels of Hammers

They're pretty dumb for people who spend so much time in school.
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Things That We Were Cautioned About As Kids That Were Over Exaggerated

14 Things That We Were Cautioned About As Kids That Were Over Exaggerated

Things that seemed they would be big deals as kids that weren't
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