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'[He] created a mass corporate email with various screenshots': IT guy quits and schedules scathing tell-all email about his Karen boss

When someone has done you wrong, the best thing to do is to walk the other way with your head still held high… but it's certainly more satisfying to scorch the earth behind you as you go. When faced with the bullying behavior of their Karen boss, this IT guy realized he had enough and quit, seeking greener pastures—but, he also decided to (metaphorically) set fire to the building on the way out the door, scheduling a mass company-wide email to be sent from his boss's email address that exposed…
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'[Now] she can't check out anything until the fine is paid': Karen messes with the wrong librarian, who rediscovers $450 in old unpaid fines

It's always important to be polite to the customer service worker who is handling your request, even if that request involves negotiating a tricky situation, chances are you'll get a better result if you treat that person like an actual human being. Usually, the sheer bureaucratic inertia of a large corporation or a government entity will mean that if you're rude to the wrong worker, you're going to be stuck in bureaucratic purgatory for a frustratingly long period of time. Or, worse, they may…
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'Forget it, you're fired!': Dude gets fired from a store where he didn't even work

It should be understood, at this point, that straying into a store with a uniform consisting solely of a specifically colored shirt—whilst wearing that same color of shirt—is a risky move. It should also be understood that even wearing a similar color shirt is likely to attract every Karen and disgruntled manager within a 100-meter radius. If you choose to do this, you do so at your own peril, but at least you can write a story about it later to share online. This guy happened to stray into a l…
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'I'm going to need you to fix that': Karen and Kevin demand that neighbor's cat tower left for trash pickup be cleaned, daughter enacts petty revenge

Karen and Kevin clearly only deserve the cat tower as is.
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'Sucks to be her': Customer gets revenge on a full-cart Karen who cut him in the grocery store express lane by using all of her reward points to get cheap gas

Customers who whip out a rewards card at every grocery store live every moment thinking about 10 cents of savings and they are very serious about their discounts. Typically those 'rewards members’ tend to also be the Karen or Kevin types and they can be a huge pain, thinking that every grocery store employee and patron is their personal servant.
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'Move it to your spot': Karen complains about stowed bag, gets to ride the rest of the journey with it in the seat next to her

The noble backpack has been used by mankind for centuries, with its usage dating back to ancient times, first likely being used by hunters to carry gear and supplies. Now that pedigree is joined by a new usage: accompanying a Karen on a long journey. If you look, you will find that there is a long and storied history of people becoming great friends with backpacks, “Dora the Explorer” being the most notable example. The famed explorer is now joined by this Karen, who undoubtedly became fast fri…
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'Ok, Karen, she's fired. Happy now?': Karen demands girl gets fired from a place she doesn't work

Getting fired from a job where you didn't work is a bit like losing a race you weren't entered into in the first place; it's really hard to be upset about it when you didn't even know you had something at stake. This customer shared their story of witnessing another fellow customer ending up on the wrong end of a stray Karen's fury when they visited a “Wall of Marts” during a trip to the United States. They share their surprise at realizing that the people they had read about in “People of Wall…
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Literal Karen tries to avoid mandatory tip by ripping up receipt

'Terrible service, never coming back': Cranky Karen refuses to pay mandatory tip, rips up the check

The nerve of this Karen!
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Top Karens of the Week (May 21, 2023)

The Karens have been coming out in droves this May! These days, it seems like everywhere you turn on the Internet, whether it's Reddit or Twitter or TikTok, there's another entitled Karen making a scene. She could be throwing a fit at a staff member or leaving an unnecessary one-star review somewhere. For everyone's enjoyment, we've compiled a list of the top 10 Karens this week. For more compilations like this, here are this week's top choosing beggars.
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'Wait your turn': Karen demands random student help her with her shopping, teacher puts Karen in her place

'Wait your turn': Karen accosts ex-employee and demands they help her with her shopping, teacher puts Karen in her place

It's often said that we should seek to better the world by helping those around us, but what if those people needing help are demanding help and being incredibly rude about it? Better to let the world burn if that's how it's going to be. There's no shortage of entitled people who have a 6th sense for the goodwill of others and look to latch onto that goodwill-doer like a leech and absorb all of the goodwill that is to be had. This student was helping a retired teacher from their school when the…
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'I was immediately accosted by an employee': Guy tries to sell his personal items at a shop, gets banned, leaves 1-star review

The problem with giving everyone a platform to voice their opinions is that not everybody is going to have good ones. You're always going to end up with people whose internal bias prevents them from looking at something objectively. Heck, all of us have that going on to an extent—it's just a part of being human. We're all the unreliable narrators of our of own experience and so our account of our experiences should be taken with a grain of salt. Take this guy, for example. For some reason, he t…
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Top Choosing Beggars of the Week (May 19, 2023)

I guess in today's cultural climate, beggars can be choosers!
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Karen Welcomes Me to the HOA

'Never give Karen an inch': Guy stands up to entitled neighbor Karen, then has to work with her to fight HOA

There's nothing like having to work with your enemy!
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'She needs a time out': Karen gets shut down by a 5-year-old

There is nothing more brutally cutting than the honest remarks of a child. Their lack of filter and a forming understanding of the world can bring forth some surprisingly perceptive comments that no adult would ever dare think—let alone utter out loud. These comments are usually directed at family or caretakers. They can sufficiently ruin days and demolish the egos of those people. That alone can be a lot to handle, but when they're directed toward complete strangers, it can be humiliating. Tha…
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'Your new total will be...': To save $2, penny-pinching Karen disrespects a retail employee, catching karma and losing money because of an expired coupon

Shoppers can all agree that getting a good deal on a purchase is the best feeling in the world, but some Karens take the coupon hoarding to the next level. Although it's fun to get a discount every now and then, extreme couponing is the bane of every retail workers existence, especially when the person wielding the magazine clippings that'll save them $.50 cents acts like a tyrannical maniac to every worker.
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'Does not even turn on': Confused buyer leaves 1-star review for a fake phone because it doesn't work

If you buy something that's specific purpose is to look like something else but not actually work, you shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't work. That's literally what it's for. I don't know what you'd actually want to buy one of these for—unless you were a retailer looking for a risk-free display dummy. Maybe as a prop for a film or stage set? Anyways—the point is that leaving this product a 1-star review for not working is mind-boggling. You should be leaving it a 1-star review if you were…
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