People describe their most interesting experiences with people being honest on job applications.

Precious Times People Were Shamelessly Honest On Job Applications

Big ups for the honesty.
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Twitter reacts to time off memo

Boss Posts Unreasonable Memo Regarding Time Off, Twitter Reacts

It seems like a bit much.
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social customs that are absurd now

Social Conventions That People Are Tired Of

Some things we do don't exactly make sense.
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horrible jobs almost nobody likes

Occupations People Are Sure No One Enjoys

It can get rough out there.
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An entertaining Twitter thread that includes people revealing the lies they tell to get out of awkward work situations.

Twitter Thread: Lies People Tell To Bail Out Of Awkward Work Situations

Bonus points for the creativity.
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surprisingly difficult jobs

Jobs That Look Simple But Are Surprisingly Difficult

Every job is a job because someone else doesn't want to do it.
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scams normalized by society

Scams That Have Been Normalized By Society

They done got us good.
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People describe the absolute best jobs for lazy people.

Best Jobs For Lazy People

Lucky folks, indeed.
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Electricians, plumbers, and tradespeople that noped right out of jobs.

Electricians, Plumbers, And Tradespeople That Noped Out Of Jobs

Some folks can be real handfuls.
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Things that seem difficult to do but are actually pretty easy | posted by Valiantlycaustic Basic sewing. Things like simple hemming, sewing buttons are easy learn and will make life easier. If keep learning s amazing be able fit own clothes.

Things That Seem Hard but are Actually Pretty Easy

Some easy stuff seems incomprehensible on the surface.
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quitting, frustrating and creepy quitting stories | cyainanotherlifebro 26.0k points 4 days ago edited 4 days ago S hired as temp, on day 91 told 2 they fact didn't have hire after 90 days and they were gonna keep on as temp clocked out lunch and never went back

People's "Screw This, I'm Out" Moments

When enough is enough.
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lazy not my job moments | Proofreading this book couldn't have been hard 5 five 5 bananas but actually 6 six | lump of dirt shaped like a traffic cone

"Not My Job" Moments of Advanced Laziness

Impressive jobs all around.
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Askreddit where people describe their jobs as if they were crimes | decembertember 9.7k points 2 days ago drive fast and disregard rules road on my way break into peoples homes and cause immense water damage. Afterwards tear down their ceilings and drywall, and leave without cleaning anything up. Antwan_Valentino 3.4k points 2 days ago will never look at firefighters same

People's Jobs Described as Crimes

Somebody stop that...oh.
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sketchy secrets from many jobs and industries | katakago 18.5k points 11 hours ago know people who write instruction manuals or user guides things buy? Half time, they've never even seen or touched product. Some dude just sends us pictures rough description s supposed work, and 's .

Sketchy Secrets of Various Industries

Oh no it makes so much sense.
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Jobs that people think are fun but aren't really | Mr_frumpish 49.3k points 15 hours ago Video game tester aren't spending time playing completed fully realized games are playing same level game over and over seeing if there are bugs.

Jobs that Look Fun but Aren't

Turns out being a zookeeper has some challenges.
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Funny bad stock photos of people's jobs | shutterstock James Felton @JimMFelton "Hey space astronomer, where is space Space astronomer puts on his lab coat and adjusts his space safety goggles According my latest science, there is space | Kekskobold @c00kiekobold is very important look seductively shortly before hair and gloves get caught drill and cuttings get stuck eyes BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 7:22 PM- May 6, 2018 O 69 Q 27 people are talking about this

Bad Stock Photos of People's Jobs Getting Roasted

"Ah yes, I am a..." *checks stethoscope* ""
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