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Is it legal to request a photo of someone for a receptionist position in order to be considered for an interview?

Red Flag Alert! Job Applicant Asked To Send Photo of Herself for Receptionist Position

This woman was asked to send a photo of herself to work behind the front desk at a gym.
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'My review comes up a lot in their interview process': Worker's Glassdoor review creates trouble for previous employer

This employee has learned that a Glassdoor review they wrote when they quit their job has been giving their past-employer grief with hiring. They left their position after experiencing unprofessional treatment from their manager, which they felt necessitated the review being written. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit this week by a user who shared their experiences with the popular sub. They posted their topic with the title “Left my old place due to bad management - M…
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Email I sent when they wanted me to send in weird recordings as a first step in the interview process. Hard pass.

'I won't be pursuing this position': This candidate refused to make impersonal video recordings for his interview

This prospective candidate turned down a job because they wouldn't take the time to schedule a real interview.
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Viral Thread: Hilarious 'Service Desk' Job Description Doesn’t Sugar-coat the Reality of the Job’s Duties

Once in a while, something pops up online that is entirely unorthodox and a bit out of left field. This “avant-garde” take on a job interview description is exactly that. A little zany and unacceptable, it has defied our expectations of the performative qualities that a job interview normally offers. You'd usually expect a job interview to tediously lay out all of the things you might expect from a role but in a crap-coated manner of corporate speak that seeks to make light of all the terrible…
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Viral Thread: Worker Quits on Second Day After Lies From Interview Are Exposed

This restoration apprentice reported that they left their new role on the second day after they discovered the employer had lied about the working hours during the interview process. They shared their experience on the popular r/antiwork subreddit where it received a lot of attention. “Not fired but berated in public?” remarked mkbloodyen. “Sounds like they are hurting for staff.” “Having worked with a couple of these restoration companies, I have to say, I have never seen a decent one, ever,”…
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Thread: Recruiter Wants to "Negotiate" Lower Salary, Actually Wants to Trick Candidate Into Taking Lower Pay

This job candidate was asked by the recruiter if they would negotiate a lower paid rate, which turned out to just be a way of trying to get them to take the original offer. The recruiter's actions have drawn the ire of the internet after photos of the exchange were posted online. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by Reddit user u/Jbeez4117 who shared the thread, which featured screenshots of the exchange, to the popular sub. They posted the thread with the title “That soun…
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Viral Thread: Certified-Idiot Interviewer Hits On Married Woman

An interviewer crossed a line when they proceeded to hit on a married applicant over text message. Screenshots of the exchange were posted online by the woman's husband where the interviewer has earned the ire of the internet in a viral thread.
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Guy Shares Story of Most Bizarrely Terrible Interview He's Ever Had

Redditor u/Red_Beard47 shared their experience when they went in for what would become the worst job interview of their life. This comment stood out to us when we were putting together this three-part series of the worst job interviews people ever had. So in a way, this is an unofficial part IV. So many comments on that thread deserved to be their own post. Commenters shared their reactions to the story and even shared their own stories. “Good idea you walked out of the interview. It would've b…
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Part III: The Most Disastrous Job Interviews People Ever Had

The worst job interview I ever had occurred shortly after I received a concussion after getting hit by a car. Unluckily, I had applied to the job the day before being run down like a cane-toad on my road bike and received a call shortly afterward. Somehow, I made it through a short first-round introduction and into the second-round panel-based interview . To complicate matters further, my partner and I had an extensive holiday planned at that time, which involved me driving a Juicy campervan so…
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Part II: The Most Disastrous Job Interviews People Ever Had

Job interviews are far from the best way to find a suitable candidate for most roles. Without a doubt, candidates who communicate well vocally and exude charisma will find themselves accepted into far more roles, whether or not they were actually the best candidate. But is there any way to get it right? There is this general expectation going into an interview of how it will work on both sides. The interviewer expects that they will, well, interview, asking questions to get a grip on the candid…
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Part I: The Most Disastrous Job Interviews People Ever Had

In the wake of the pandemic and the “Great Resignation” roll on, job interviews are as hot of a topic as ever.
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Insane Interviewer Insists on Interviewing Over Text, Offended By "Unprofessional Response"

If you're conducting an interview via text messaging and want to complain about something being unprofessional, oh boy, do you have a rude wake-up call ahead of you. When u/Coconut_Groove posted their details to an online recruitment service, they were contacted by this hiring manager who was looking to recruit for a position. The position was offering to pay $9.95 an hour in Montana, which has a lower than $10 minimum wage. u/Coconut_Groove knew they weren't going to be interested in the posit…
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Guy Walks Out of Job Interview After Company Lies on Job Description

This job candidate was quick to turn heel and bolt when it became abundantly clear that the interviewer had been intentionally misleading in their description of the role. The role had been advertised as being remote work when it was actually “hybrid," requiring some attendance to an office space. To top it off, the interviewer even admitted that they had advertised it as such in order to increase the pool of applicants. As I've often described (and recently discussed) job interviews are a perf…
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company reveals Actual Questions Gen Z Applicants Ask During Interviews

Company Reveals Straight to the Point Questions Gen Z Applicants Ask During Interviews That Millenials Are Too Afraid to Ask

The internet can't tell whose side she's on
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Insanely Incompetent Interviewers Fired After Candidate Exposes Them

This insurance guy was approached by a recruiter for an insurance sales position at a company. Despite his repeated protests that he was overqualified for the role they were hiring for, they refused to take no for an answer and aggressively entered him into the interview process. As the interview progressed, it became increasingly clear that the hiring managers had no idea what they were on about. They repeatedly handed him wrong information and asked him to do things that he knew were complete…
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Recruiter Approaches Candidate and Asks For Expected Salary, Angered By Honest Response

That's a red flag.
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