Boyfriend makes an irrational purchase and then expects to be able to pay less on his bills.

Boyfriend Makes Irrational Purchase, Expects Reduction In Bills

That's not how it works, bud.
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A tenant takes a petty revenge on an irritating landlord.

Tenant Takes Petty Revenge On Petty Landlord

Should've used some candy bars.
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Woman discovers mysterious room behind bathroom mirror.

Woman Discovers Mysterious Room Behind Bathroom Mirror

This was straight up riveting.
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Mom's search for a new home brings her to Sasquatch. | And like Oh cute even has little -law suite s nice BUT THEN KEPT SCROLLING AND Um hairy person standing on a porch

Mom's Search For New Home Brings Her To Sasquatch

Have to get the place now.
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A listing for an absolutely monstrous house. | Here is, literally worst house on street Seller has done hard work cleaning up almost half-acre property only took 7 dumpsters so now is chance take here. Have ever watched HGTV and thought could do If so, pack up tape measure and start Googling identify load-bearing wall because 's time put money where mouth is roof leaks floor creaks, and there's terrible draft, but this 3 bed, 1.5 bath home is very open concept. And by mean inside is open outside

Housing Listing Describes An Absolutely Disastrous Abode

What a find.
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Landlord assumes that tenant doesn't know their rights, and tenant shows them otherwise. | r/ProRevenge Join u/archangelzad 17h Landlord thinks owe 8 months rent Didn't know knew tenant laws Okay not sure this goes here but here goes. This took place during middle 2018 my wife and 3 kids were looking new place rent because our current renter selling and had given us 60 notice move. During this time my wife's mother had friend lets call him Sam. Sam had 4 bedroom 2 bath house he middle remodeling

Landlord Assumes Tenant Doesn't Know Rights, Tenant Shows Them Otherwise

Got to know those tenant rights.
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A collection of the most messed up things people's roommates did. | peanutbutterandjamin Not washing bathroom ever our 2.5 years living together!

Most Messed Up Things People's Roommates Did

Nothing worse than a bad roommate.
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TikTok video guy acting a funny house listing fail | Good evening, is this available? Yes it is

Man Acts Out House Listing Gone Wrong

Surprisingly catchy.
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Tenants describe their worst landlords on Twitter. | Jason Scott @DrJasonScott Charged 10 our deposit because didn't fully make beds leaving furnished property and didn't put things correct cupboards deposit scheme sided with landlord #VentYourRent

Tenants' Gnarliest Landlord Stories

Come on landlords.
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Parents use their trees to block occupancy permits | r/ProRevenge u/PhuckingPhabulous 14h Join 1 8 1 Parents use trees block occupancy permits Obligatory, on mobile. So my parents bought their house early 90s very expensive city. They bought garbage house on block 30 years later 's quintupled price. This is relevant my parents live very upscale suburb said expensive city, think San Francisco, New York city is run by old ladies who don't allow anything. Drive thrus are not permitted suburb

Revenge Of The Week: Parents Use Trees To Block Occupancy Permits

Don't mess with the trees.
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People's best and worst roommates of all time | MilesDavis_mynigga My roommate eats all my Nutella.

People's Best And Absolute Worst Roommates

Don't steal people's food, come on.
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A property manager ends up being terrible, so he proceeds to get canned | r/ProRevenge Join u/AE2AW 1d Hippity Hoppity, this is no longer Property manage) After graduating college my girlfriend and moved new state where she accepted into an engineering program found lovely garden apartment style complex advertised 100 Mbps internet speed included price among few other am met property manager, he seemed strict but well mannered, nothing out ordinary. Until signed lease nities first problem:

Property Manager Ends Up Being Terrible, Gets Canned

Serves him right.
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A tenant takes revenge on an evil tenant | r/ProRevenge u/ArizonaAvenue Revenge on Evil Landlord University, l'd heard stories about horrible landlords student housing but hadn't experienced myself Until third year felt like got 3 years worth shitty landlords all one go began heard noises wall behind my bed at night brushed off while until realised an animal wall.

Tenant Takes Revenge On Evil Landlord

That is how it is done.
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Landlord won't fix tenant's broken windows, and it costs landlord thousands | Landlord Refuses Fix Broken Windows, Costs Him Thousands Dollars and His Job Keeping things vague this post on purpose My girlfriend and moved into house had several broken/cracked windows held together with tape rest house great and perfect condition landlord promised fix them ASAP. He kept promising fix them month after month, with no action being taken. After 6 months began recording his phone calls and had recorded

Landlord Won't Fix Broken Windows, Costs Landlord Thousands

Landlords just need to play by the rules.
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An oblivious woman ignores a series of ominous signs at an open house | Olivia Cole @RantingOwl Sol may have done whitest thing imaginable today never thought would be this white woman. But here are. Join this story

Twitter Thread: Woman Ignores Ominous Signs At Open House

That basement door was bad news.
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Entitled neighbor gets their comeuppance | r/ProRevenge u/PJMurphy 17h Join 1 Long Game TL;DR: Don't be shit, and won't have deal with shit. This is long story, so settle back and relax love this sub, and have taken asking friends about great revenge stories. This one comes my boss, who lives small town where occurred.

Revenge Of The Week: The Long Game

Serves him right.
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