Man describes his experience with girl roommates in enlightening Twitter thread | Craig Shapes 27 30K 63K @craigshapes Mar 28 Last year moved with my girlfriend and her best mate. They're both girls. Some shit l've seen is EYE OPENING mate thread)

Twitter Thread: Man's Experience With Girl Roommates Is Enlightening

Ignorance is bliss.
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Tenant takes their revenge on an evil landlord | r/ProRevenge u/ArizonaAvenue 12h Join Revenge on Evil Landlord University, l'd heard stories about horrible landlords student housing but hadn't experienced myself Until third year felt like got 3 years worth shitty landlords all one go began heard noises wall behind my bed at night brushed off while until realised an animal wall.

Tenant Takes Revenge On Evil Landlord

Well done by the tenant.
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Slumlord won't help family, so family takes revenge to the tune of $25K | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/MakinDo 2y $25,000+ Revenge on My Slumlord So few years back, my family went through some pretty horrible stuff, and ended up moving into trailer park didn't look too awful as far as trailer parks go, and barely) cheap enough afford at time, so swallowed our doubts and moved first night discover there are bed bugs and roaches. Report problem landlord next morning, and he says must have brought them our

Family Takes Revenge On Slimy Slumlord

Slumlord had it coming.
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People share the most interesting things that they've seen previous tenants leave behind | Lockshala 15h As kid, my parents moved into former Minnesota Vikings lineman's house and he left PS1 with bunch games. Great dude, imo

Most Interesting Things Previous Occupants Have Left Behind

People leave behind all kinds of ridiculous stuff.
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housing twitter house Airbnb social media ridiculous funny - 8845317

Guy Shares List Of Tedious House Rules From Airbnb Host

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tumblr Economics tuition housing teachers minimum wage old people generations college - 5223941

Angry Millenial Breaks Down How Easy Old People Had It

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