A collection of tweets about people's most ridiculous neighbors on NextDoor.

People's Most Nightmarish, Entitled, And Bizarre Neighbors

NextDoor is a troubling goldmine.
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A collection of hilarious and aggressively petty posts from neighbors on Nextdoor.

Hilarious And Aggressively Petty Posts From Neighbors On Nextdoor

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A tenant puts a divider on their balcony, and then the talkative neighbors proceed to take great offense.

Tenant Puts Divider On Balcony, Talkative Neighbors Take Offense

Those neighbors need to cool it.
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Dude ends up training his roommate to sleep through his alarms after a ton of infuriating antics.

Guy Secretly Trains Roommate To Not Respond To Morning Alarms

Sounds like the guy had it coming.
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An ex-boyfriend takes advantage of the lease, so he proceeds to get reported to the landlord.

Ex-Boyfriend Takes Advantage Of Lease, Proceeds To Get Reported To Landlord

Serves the dude right.
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Woman gets mad that roommate cooks meat in their shared dorm room, and roommate feels bad.

Vegetarian Gets Mad That Roommate Cooks Meat In Dorm Room, Roommate Feels Bad

Eh, live your life.
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crazy landlord surprising housing FAIL ridiculous Video tiktok apartment - 2736134

TikToker Realizes Apartment Caught Fire, Smoke Alarm Never Goes Off

So sketch.
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Woman keeps throwing away her roommate's food, and eventually roommate hits their breaking point.

Woman Keeps Throwing Away Roommate's Food, Roommate Hits Breaking Point

Supremely uncool behavior.
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landlord housing criminal tenant ridiculous Video tiktok - 2722310

Landlord Allegedly Won't Return Tenant's Deposit, Tenant Busts Out Jackhammer

Actual lunatic behavior.
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Tenant refuses to pay rent while living in trailer, so landlord "moves" into trailer.

Tenant Won't Pay Rent, Landlord Snaps, "Moves In"

That went from 0 to 100.
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A collection of times that people encountered nightmarish landlords.

16 Times Landlords Were Maniacal, Greedy, Insensitive Tyrants

Some landlords really let themselves go.
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A collection of tweets that describe the weirdest things that people's roommates ever did.

Weirdest Things People's Roommates Ever Did

Some roommates are better than others.
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An apartment manager makes a tenant's life miserable, so the tenant helps the apartment manager lose half the neighborhood's income.

Apartment Manager Makes Tenant's Life Miserable, Tenant Helps Them Lose Half Of Neighborhood's Income

Serves them right.
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Landlord paints over a cockroach, and Twitter responds with the meme treatment.

Landlord Paints Over Cockroach, Roach Gets The Meme Treatment

It's only right.
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A slumlord won't let a company out of a five year lease, so the building proceeds to get condemned.

Slumlord Won't Let Company Out Of 5 Year Lease, Gets Just Deserts

Always nice to see a shady slumlord get their rightful comeuppance.
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A homeowner gets fed up with HOA bothering them with complaints, so they decide to carry out some malicious compliance.

Homeowner Gets Fed Up With HOA Complaints, Malicious Compliance Ensues

A job well done, indeed.
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