A greedy landlord raises the rent so that his tenants don't renew their lease, and then he gets what he deserves.

Greedy Landlord Raises Rent So Tenants Don't Renew Lease, Gets What He Deserves

Yeah, that one didn't play out too well there, bud.
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Landlord attempts to backtrack on a deal, doesn't return security deposit, and then karma comes around to collect.

Landlord Tries To Backtrack On Deal, Doesn't Return Deposit, Karma Comes To Collect

Karma always comes back around.
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Former landlord has the audacity to tell lies to keep a tenant's security deposit, and then ends up getting reported to the IRS.

Former Landlord Tells Lies To Keep Deposit, Gets Reported To IRS For Tax Fraud

Shady landlords are relentless.
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Landlord refuses to return a tenant's deposit, gets taken to court, appeals, and then loses everything.

Landlord Refuses To Return Deposit, Gets Taken To Court, Appeals, Loses Everything

Landlord absolutely brought it on himself.
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A new roommate rents two rooms, but only expects to have to pay for one room.

New Roommate Rents Two Rooms, Only Expects To Pay For One Room

Yeah, that's not the way the world works.
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A shady slumlord refuses to give a tenant back their security deposit, so the tenant puts the slumlord out of business.

Slumlord Refuses To Give Tenant Security Deposit, Tenant Puts Slumlord Out Of Business

That slumlord didn't know who they were playing with.
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A picky husband makes the house hunting process a very difficult task, gets called out, and then complains about it.

Picky Husband Makes House Hunting Difficult Task, Gets Called Out, Complains

Seems like a totally necessary call out.
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An HOA member gets a guy's car towed, so he repeatedly returns the favor.

HOA Member Gets Neighbor's Car Towed, Neighbor Returns The Favor

Serves that HOA member right.
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Man reaches his breaking point with the rent breakdown between his roommates.

Guy Reaches Breaking Point With Rent Division Between Roommates

Roommates can be quite difficult.
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People share stories of their all-time worst roommates.

AskReddit Thread: Stories Of People's Worst Roommates

Some roommates are real nasty.
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Woman can't stand her roommates so she proceeds to break her lease.

Woman Can't Stand Roommates, Breaks Lease, Roommates Flip Out

Gotta put yourself first.
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A classist roommate gets called out after making inappropriate remarks about plumber. | AITA snapping at my classist roommate? Not hole live house with 3 other people (all students Last week one our toilets got really clogged up point could not fix by ourselves and had call plumber plumber came and working on an hour which he charged us 50€.

Classist Roommate Gets Called Out After Insulting Plumber

Roomie needed the reality check.
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A tenant assumes that they have a bat in their closet, and then they learn otherwise.

Tenant Assumes There's A Bat In Closet, Learns Otherwise

Could've been far worse.
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Guy goes full wrath of Karen mode on sleazy landlord.

Guy Goes Full Wrath Of Karen Mode On Landlord

The inner Karen was awakened.
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Queen Karen, president of the HOA gets defeated | r/ProRevenge u/california-old-timer 17h Join 1 Taking down Queen Karen. President HOA Ok, this happened years ago 1985 be exact 45 this happened 81 now. So after my 2nd retirement started doing property management bought this 2500 square foot luxury home with sole intention renting out. Now didn't know bad HOA but became owner soon found out. This all took place 2 years time

Queen Karen, President Of The HOA Gets Defeated

Karen should've played by the rules.
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Landlord tries and fails to sell tenants' equipment to competitors | r/MaliciousCompliance u/poshbo 84d Join 1 2 1 @1 4 3 1 Landlord advertises all our company's equipment sale our competitors. Best follow our eviction letter. M UPDATED TI;dr (SPOILERS) landlord gives us 7 days vacate our leisure business building, he thinks cant empty business during lockdown, and proceeds advertise OUR equipment sale our competition sell everything 7 days and destroy rest. Enjoy no rent and loss potential buye

Landlord Tries To Sell Tenants' Equipment To Competitors, Fails Miserably

Nice try, shady landlord.
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