front desk guy shows facts to cheap guest

Lying Husband Blames Employee For Cheap Room, Gets Destroyed By The Truth

Good one, dude.
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Woman buys fake reservation to hotel, is unreasonable, and gets taken to the nonexistent 4th floor, the roof

Rude Customer Has Fraudulent Reservations For Fake Floor, Gets Taken To Roof

Had to see it with her own eyes.
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12 text based reddit images | thumbnail  background image of garbage bag full of stuff x2 with reddit title text "Wellthatsucks + Join u/archofimagine · 2d • 2 S 6 Got back to hotel after working 12hrs... to find that they bagged all our stuff into a trash bag and gave our (paid for) room away. Thanks, Choice Hotels."

Hotel Aggressively Packs Up And Gives Away Customer's Paid Room, Outrage Ensues

That sucks bigtime
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An entertaining Facebook post about the absolute worst hotel guest of all time.

Man Tells The Story Of Worst Hotel Stay Of All Time

It honestly couldn't have been any worse.
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5-star hotel workers reveal their dirtiest secrets.

Surprising Reveals From 5-Star Hotel Workers

People are animals.
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man tells story of how pepperoni-loving seagulls got him banned from a hotel

How Pepperoni And Seagulls Got One Man Banned From A Hotel

It's a lot.
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customer service tik tok hotel FAIL eggs ridiculous funny Video - 2349830

TikToker Exposes Fake Hotel Eggs

Is nothing sacred.
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Karen demands bad hotel booking and gets it, so the secretary lets her have it

Karen Presenter Demands Crappier Hotel Booking, Gets It

If that's what you want.
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customer service humor hotel FAIL ridiculous funny Video - 106861313

Man Wants View Of San Francisco, Hotel Fails Miserably

A bad view that outdoes all other bad views.
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Karen hotel guest wants a late check out, gets rejected, and then says the hotel is mean.

Karen Wants Late Check Out, Gets Rejected, Says Hotel Is Mean

This was a no-win scenario from the start.
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Karen pitches a fit about how long her egg is hard boiled, so a fellow guest provides a reality check. | r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk u/bel_esprit_ Psycho request at hotel breakfast buffet Medium don't even work at hotel but need share this with guys. Currently, l'm staying at nice hotel Sweden added breakfast buffet onto our stay bc had rave reviews online been enjoying each morning our stay. So breakfast buffet here is indeed glorious. They put lot thought and consideration into Multiple

Karen Demands 8-Minute Hard Boiled Egg, Gets Reality Check Instead

You'll be alright, Karen.
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A hotel GM shuts down a lying customer with the cold, hard truth. | Terrible 19 Feb. 2019 (1 Review) Took $300 out my account extra cleanin just couple streamers on floor called ask staff were so so rude Never going back and never recommending anyone! Horrible place

Hotel GM Shuts Down Customer's Lies With The Truth

Clearly the best boss ever.
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Man tries to scam hotel, so hotel breaks out the camera evidence | r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk u/mstarrbrannigan scammer thinks they know tricks Long Just before 2pm checked guy. Normal check nothing noteworthy. Just before 3pm he returns, keys hand think nothing call them "boom boom rooms Except get window collect keys, he tells there an issue with room. He thinks shower leaking because floor bathroom all wet.

Man Tries To Scam Hotel, Hotel Squashes Attempt With Camera Evidence

Can't argue with the camera.
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An entitled influencer expects to get free lodging, and the hotel owner harshly shuts her down | Hi there hope this email finds well emailing regards possible collaboration on social media my name is work as social media influencer, mainly lifestyle, beauty travel based have over 87.000 YouTube subscribers here: as well as 76 000 Instagram followers

Entitled Influencer Expects Free Lodging, Owner Shuts Her Down

She needed the reality check.
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Jim Browning calling scammers by their real names | Dudelyllama 12h My mum did this. She had some people out country come stay. They moved furnature around, swapped and moced mattresses, left massive pile dishes kitchen bathroom all buggered, and they must've been cooking and smashing clams or oysters shell and around bbq outside went over help my mum out little after work bit, but 2 day minimum cleanup job she had do. Mum even had bring cleaner lady belp as well. Needless say people who stayed

Airbnb Hosts' Worst Experiences With Guests

Come on, guys.
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Guest tries to get employee fired for doing their job, backfires in glorious fashion | r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk u/LobbyJockey 1y don't like but really 1 Guest tries get fired doing my job, admits she's doing just be b**ch" and results are highly satisfying. Long This happened back April. tl;dr at end. Around mid-morning, an attractive young woman came into lobby and asked key her cousin's room (who call "Shi-Shi Garcia Cousin Can get key room 207 checking Is Ms. Garcia here with She sighed loudly

Guest Tries To Get Employee Fired For Doing Their Job

Some people are just the worst.
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