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Boss Confiscates Employees Lunch Break as Punishment, They Quit

I know, I know… “Why the heck is there a referee on the thumbnail? What's that got to do with anything?” For some reason, the idea of having your lunch confiscated by your boss just evoked the image of an umpire calling someone out on strikes. I, uh, couldn't find a usable image of an umpire, so I went for a referee instead. So now I would answer that same question as, “For some reason, the idea of having your lunch confiscated by your boss just evoked the image of a referee drawing a red card.…
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"Fun Police" Boss Declares Fun Illegal, Posts Tone Deaf Poster in Break Room

The "Minion" meme is the worst part.
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Boss Lies to Employee to Cheat Them Out of Pay, They Catch on and Get Massive Payout

This shifty manager tried to pull a fast one on their employee in order to cheat them out of their deserved pay. This went on for years before things would right themselves. The boss often used the employee as a “floater,” meaning they were often bumped around to different stores depending on needs and staffing levels. It's never easy being this person because you never have a consistent location or schedule, so it can be hard to build a routine in your personal life. Especially when you consis…
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Employee Exacts Revenge, Becomes Ultra-Efficient to Raise KPI Averages After Boss Changes His Schedule, No One Gets a Raise

This employee had his private life turned on its head when his new supervisor decided to change his schedule so that he had to come in an hour later (and therefore leave an hour later.) This impeded the arrangement that he had with their wife for childcare. When approached about this issue, the supervisor remarked, "That's what babysitters are for.” This thread was posted to r/MaliciousCompliance by Reddit user u/PickleLips64151. He posted the thread titled, “Supervisor wouldn't let me come in…
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New Owners Lay Off All Employees and Tells Them to Re-Apply For Their Jobs, Nobody Does

This company and its new owners experienced an important lesson when they laid off all of their employees in a cruel and misguided power-play. The issue was… When the time came to decide which employees they wanted to keep, no one had reapplied. Reddit user u/alldogzzarebeautiful posted this topic to the r/antiwork subreddit. The thread is full of vigor and fury at the injustice that they suffered at the hands of the company's new owners. This is a tactic that companies loved to use when they h…
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Terrible Boss Tells Woman to "Get Over" Her Miscarriage and Stop Slacking Off, Hero Supervisor Intervenes and Gets Boss Canned

When this boss was entirely unsympathetic towards her team member who had lost a late-term pregnancy, she really showed her true colors. When the miscarriage occurred her supervisor immediately approved her leave and told her to turn off her phone and take some time off. When the boss found out she was less than sympathetic, telling the supervisor that he was enabling the team member to “slack off." This thread was posted to the r/antiwork subreddit by the supervisor, Reddit user u/FancyBasil38…
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AITA for getting mad my artist hid their initials in my tattoo?

Manager Demands Worker Covers Shift on Their Day Off, Demands They Answer Their Phone When They Quit

What a downright demanding individual.
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Leaked Applebess's Executive Email Details Strategy For Worker Exploitation

Restaurant Executive Plots to Pay Workers Less By Exploiting the Rising Price of Gas in This Leaked Viral Email

A leaked email has shocked the internet today after going viral. It was posted to the Reddit r/antiwork subreddit earlier this morning, where it has earned 68k upvotes in 12 hours. An absolutely insane number of votes even for the standards of more popular subreddits.
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Just Ran Away From Work | Photo of an exit sign

Retail Worker "Runs Away" From Job, Never Goes Back, People Share Their Similar Stories

The ONLY solution for working retail.
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Ex-Chili's Employee Dedicates TikTok to Exposing Workplace Horror Stories, Now Chili's Is Trying to Ban Her from the App

Ex-Chili's Employee Dedicates TikTok to Exposing Workplace Horror Stories, Now Chili's is Trying to Ban Her from the App

She not only has a surplus of personal horror stories from working there, she's also getting viewers to share their crappy Chili's experience too.
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Boss said I had to stop going to hospital appointments. Shocked upon seeing my resignation.

Sick Employee Quits When Boss Tries to Tell Them to Stop Missing Work For Hospital Visits

When this employee missed work due to a serious chronic illness, management called a meeting because they were “Seriously concerned.” It wasn't the employee's well-being they were concerned about. Oh no, they were concerned with a decrease in KPIs and other performance metrics.
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Guy Accused of Wage Theft When He Clocks in For Meetings

This employee was accused of committing wage theft when they clocked in for “hour-long” meetings. As commenters have noted, there is wage theft happening here, but the boss is confused about who is the one doing the thieving. This thread was trending after it was posted to the r/antiwork subreddit this week and has earned 10k upvotes. The poster, Reddit user u/DannoWhamo, was the one who posted the topic regarding this experience that they had at work. They noted that they were “Tired of spendi…
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Teenage Girl Gets Fired by Heartless Sonic Manger After She Called Out to Grieve Four of Her Friends She Lost the Night Before

Teenage Girl Gets Fired by Heartless Sonic Manager After She Called Out to Grieve Four of Her Friends She Lost the Night Before

He said, “I run a business.” Really, Sonic? Do better.
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Two Part Story: New Owner Doesn't Know How to Run Company, Fires Employee For "Not Going Above and Beyond", She Deletes All of Her Extra Work Before Leaving

This owner is putting a lot of faith in his mouse tracking software.
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Woman Infuriatingly Fired For Telling A Customer the Truth, Tells Boss to Clear Off

When this woman's employer raised their rates at the start of the year, they told their customers that it was to cover the cost of “raises for all employees in the amount of $1.00/hr.” A customer showed her the letter and asked if she had received her raise, caught off guard and unaware, the woman answered truthfully; She hadn't. This story was shared to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by u/vVWARLOCKVv , the woman's husband; in the story, he describes the injustice that his wife faced at the hand…
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HR Tells Guy He Should Work Weekends if He Has Time to Complete Freelance Work, He Quits

“If you have any free time it should be spent working for us, because we pay you a salary.” Ok, then I quit.
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