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Awful Everything Memes That Remind Us How Messed Up The World Is (August 8, 2022)

We live in a society
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High Schooler Inserts Famous Porn Star Images In School Project, Putting Teacher In An Extremely Dicey Position | Doctor, delivery driver, man

Courageous High Schooler Inserts Famous Porn Star Images In School Project, Putting Teacher In An Extremely Dicey Position

The comment section whole-heartedly agrees that this kid is going places.
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Lawyer On TikTok Reads Iconic Court Transcripts and is Going Viral

"I Didn't Personally Sign the Constitution, So it Does Not Apply to Me": Lawyer On TikTok Reads Iconic Court Transcripts and is Going Viral

“Honestly, your Honor, I'm curious to see where opposing counsel takes this—let it ride.” These are actual real life things people said in a court, read in vocal fry by a real life lawyer.
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25 retail memes and tweets | thumbnail grey background tweet "x Said "sorry for the wait" to customer today and she turned around and said "no you're not". you know what you're right"

Retail Memes To Waste Time On While Waiting In The Drive Thru Line

Retail goodness, and evil
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36 work related memes | thumbnail left road worker with tools/equipment on arms, thumbnail right "after the first person in the office sneezes" man in full protective suit in office meme

Workplace Memes To Laugh At From The Comfort Of An Office Chair

Workplace humor, what is that
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27 the office memes | thumbnail left michael scott sitting on chair next to bucket of cheese puffs " leave work gonna hit gym, fold laundry, get some cleaning done and cook food 4 hours after getting home útz Cheese" thumbnail left "Glasses - OOPS VE DROPPED OUR PRICES DUNDER MIFFLIN"

World's Best Boss Memes For The Office Loving Dunder Mifflin-ites

Classic and hilarious
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25 crab themed memes | thumbnail left cowboy crab meme "Before you scroll away, here is todd the cowboy crab my name is todd hello i like hats i am the coolest cowboy crab ever" thumbnail right crab eating onion ring meme youtube theme "pet crab eating onion ring 1.2M views · 4 years ago joojoobii · 2 years ago j Sometimes when I'm eating alone I turn this on and pretend I'm eating with him "

A Hefty Heap Of Crab Themed Memes For Those Having A Crabby Day

Claws for days
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37 avatar last airbender meme s| thumbnail right zuko "where is my honor, what, WHERE IS MY HONOR" thumbnail right top aang in avatar state bottom toph "sharonosbourne: *wakes up from nap that I didn't know I was taking* amoying can't see the haters, can't see anything. i'm blind, where am i"

Spicy Avatar The Last Airbender Memes For Fire Nation Teens

Firey memes strait outta the fire nation
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22 cat memes | thumbnail left cat meme "me sleeping peacefully at 3am" images of cats making loud noises, thumbnail right "paw readings, black cats welcome  captcreate Bring me the FEETIES swampseer Lemme read them beans

An Overflowing Glass Full Of Cat Memes To Quench Thirst

Feline funnies
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12 reddit text images of spider poster discussion | thumbnail left photo of fake spiders in hand white background with more small fake black spiders, thumbnail right image of spider poster colorful, text "AITA for putting up pictures of spiders in my room to keep my arachnophobic cousins out?"

Girl Puts Spider Posters Up To Keep Arachnophobic Cousins Out of Her Room: Reddit Supports Her

Evil genius
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19 animal memes | thumbnail fish wikipedia image "boops" name's Bond, James Bond And ps Boops boops  thumbnail left " Due to recent events, morning screaming hours have been extended indefinitely"

A Silly Series Of Delightful Animal Memes For A Better Day

Animal memes and lots of 'em
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16 mental health memes | thumbnail left simpsons meme "When you suffer from depression and somebody tells you to just cheer up.. intsocal butorlyX My goodness, what an idea. Why didn't I think of that ?" thumbnail right "My unhealthy coping mechanisms Me"

Mental Health Memes For A Necessary Serotonin Boost

Lil boost
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17 animal memes | thumbnail left two birds meme, one feeding other with memes, thumbnail right meme of black bird "Raven -  have cynical personality but heart is still full love and just want someone give"

Delightful Series Of Silly Animal Memes

Heartwarmingly funny
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12 reddit text images owners congratulating dogs for going to the bathroom | thumbnail background dog squatting. text "JuniorRise2344 · 7 days ago You know when it's -30degC outside, and my dog pees right away, then I insist that she poops too and she does it? She deserves a good girl and a little cheer She's 4.5 years old. 412 Reply Share Report Save Follow"

Humorous Dog Owners Congratulate Their Buddies On Successful Bowel Movements

Celebrating the little things
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14 tweets of delivery driver pictures of customers | thumbnail picture of woman leaving front door to pick up food, twitter text "SarahFatemicomedy @SarakiJoon MY DOORDASHER UPLOADED THIS PICTURE AS PROOF OF DELIVERY 9:13 PM - Dec 6, 2021 from Los Angeles, CA - "

Delivery Drivers Upload Terribly Unflattering Pictures Of Customers To Confirm Delivery, Internet Laughs

Simple humor that just does it for us
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10 text based reddit images, tenant requests air vent be fixed, maintenance comes confirms problem and leaves | thumbnail " u/dangerousknight234 5 days ago 3 I contacted my building's maintenance company because one of the air vents in my apartment is constantly whistling. They came in while I was at work and all they did was leave this note. They didn't fix anything and the whistling continues."

Tenant Puts In Maintenance Request, Technician Confirms Problem And Promptly Leaves

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