funny bread expert interview conan o'brien

Eccentric Bread Expert Is Casually Hilarious

A genuine living legend.
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A funny Tumblr thread about a guy's hilarious burrito eating experience | BEANS CHEESE GALAMOLE MEAT RKE SOUR CREAM LETTUCE CILAUTRO SALSA Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito: Lucky Shirt Comedy Cormer Intruding Have ever been earth? On earth use word "burrito describe

Tumblr Thread: Man Unleashes Fiery Rant About Burrito

He really let himself go.
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A collection of funny and hilarious moments from Tumblr | spillywolf If courage isn't absence fear but doing right thing regardless maybe confidence isn't absence insecurity but knowing have real worth despite 160zm this is beautiful randomslasher By this same token, maybe goodness isn't absence bad thoughts or impulses, but conscious choice behave according moral ideals spite them | derofeba my computer decides deny access because admin restrictions OWN avengerofdeath2 As someone who works noth

Random, Golden Moments From The World Of Tumblr

Tumblr just keeps on delivering.
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Millennials pretend that they're baby boomers in a ridiculous Facebook group | Rob Portesy group where all pretend be boomers New Member 18 mins E Dinner with Tom | Elissa Saputo Robinson group where all pretend be boomers 2 hrs E Bob are coming over dinner tonight. O Like Comment 9.

Millennials Pretend To Be Baby Boomers In Facebook Group

Oh, they really went there.
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A collection of totally random and hilarious Tumblr nuggets. | kelssiel aliens being confused by humans deal with scents human gonna have wash this blanket get rid new smell alien makes note humans prefer mark objects with familiar scents* human gotta love new car smell" alien scratches out previous note and replaces with question mark* human old books smell so good alien increasingly frustrated note taking* human mmm love new book smell alien WHY ARE LIKE THIS Source: kelssiel 56,609 notes | an

Hilarious And Random Tumblr Nuggets To Pass The Time

Tumblr is the gift that keeps on giving.
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A collection of totally random, and funny Tumblr gems | ghostdrama love old science fiction because 's all like S DISTANT YEAR TWO THOUSAND AND THREE AND MAN IS EXPLORING DEEP CORNERS UNIVERSE" like god bless old sci-fi had such high hopes us Source: lampblack 362,951 no

Totally Random Tumblr Gems To Occupy Existing

Tumblr pulls through in the clutch.
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Tumblr user censors various parts of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and hilarity ensues | AZULA.GR generalgrievousdatingsim Follow sure is shame can't control elements reflect my current emotional state. not need be any more cool, sexy and powerful than already am but nonetheless think deserve | generalgrievousdatingsim Follow shame deserve

Tumblr User Censors Avatar: The Last Airbender, Comedy Gold Ensues

It's perfect.
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A collection of funny, random, and hilarious moments from people on Tumblr | tearlessrain realized bothers about skyrim horses' head tracking. normal horses don't look at head on because they see better side. which implies skyrim horses are predators. | spinel-is-baby y'all ever remember something extremely embarrassing and just feel horrible about fuuzis-trash-dump Pro Tip: Try think something embarrassing some else has done probably can't. Which means no one else remembers cringe thing did.

Random, Funny, And Weird Tumblr Moments

So many rabbit holes, so little time.
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A collection of funny and random tweets | Mike Wells @mikewtfwells just had happy hour at my place s hour my fiancée left walk dog and had time play video games.

Funny Random Tweets From The World

So real it hurts.
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A collection of funny gems from the world of Tumblr | mum, look at this picture took other day Mum: ooh hang on finds glasses 11 mins puts on cardigan 4 mins sits comfortably on sofa 3 mins hands her phone Mum: hits home button ooh 's gone?! | rebelwhodoesntknow are dancing queen, young and sweet, now quarantine konmariyourboyfriend can dance can jive, but can't go outside bigmammallama5 000000OHHH see girl, watch scene, but through window screen

Hilarious And Totally Random Tumblr Gems

Tumblr's always good for the laughs.
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German guy tries to name all 50 states and hilarity ensues | Factoid Dollar Bin Diver team TBD @factoid_twitch Replying TSchmidtbsuer Everything is Biggerer Texas Two. washington? This also feds North Texas ohio Oreo wish? this wisconsin Dakota? Minnesota Wyoming Square Arizona Kansas? this is rave New Jersey, New Mexico AND new York cereal def ohio Nevada Kansas! west. this just Screams OHIO Alabama Mountain mama Virgin AAAAA take home OHIO where is Kansas? wist

German Guy Attempts Naming All 50 States, Hilarity Ensues

He tried his best.
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Funny kids being stupid and weird | Trev97 just remembered got my first dog 7 and he 1 (7 dog years) and cried he turned 2 because didnt think 14 year old dog would wanna hangout with

Moments That Show How Kids Are Dumb Little Wierdos

It's not necessarily their fault.
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Funny story of dad taking daughter into bathroom and she cheers him on | kids were van, while inside looking cornflakes with my 4yo b- lined into restroom, making just time had no choice but take my 4yo into stall with Aspen watched as struggled, Moana light-up crocs on wrong feet, blue eyes wide and

Enthusiastic Daughter Cheers Dad On In Gas Station Bathroom Emergency

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A collection of funny English place names.

Typical (And Hilarious) English Place Names

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A collection of funny moments from various people on Tumblr.

Bits Of Highly Entertaining Tumblr Gold

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Pictures of kids throwing tantrums for illogical and dumb reasons.

Absolutely Stupid Reasons Kids Had Meltdowns

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