high school

black markets at people's schools

People Share The Black Markets That Existed At Their Schools

Anything can become contraband.
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the epic stories of how high school legends earned their status

17 People Share What Made The "High School Legend" A Legend

people share stories about the epic things that people did in highschool to get legend status.
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Girl gets moral revenge on her old High School teacher

Girl Gets Revenge On Teacher Who Told Her That She Would Never Succeed in the Best Way Possible

Girl gets moral revenge on her old High School teacher by being successful
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funny legendary school stories

Wild Things Students Did To Make Themselves Legends

Keep in mind, being a memorable high schooler isn't necessarily a good thing.
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A quick Tumblr post about the ridiculous things that high schoolers say | WR writtenrain Follow Shit l've Heard High Schoolers Say Why stop at capitalism? Destroy everything. Guys 's been three weeks since l've eaten vegetable At least have memes dull pain existence An AP student: Oh my god thought seven less than six

Quick Tumblr Post On Ridiculous High Schooler Sayings

Those high schoolers say the darnedest things.
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Stories of what the popular kid at school did that made them lose popularity | shaneo88 10.2k points 1 day ago Having set keys given him by school (wtf know) because he one really popular kids, then using those keys break into school and steal $30KAUD woodworking/metalworking tools

Times at School a Popular Kid Destroyed Their Reputation

Flew too close to the sun.
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Funny yearbook quotes from high school seniors | Jessica Enciso Why fall love can fall asleep. | that's what she said Jacob Jones s She

Yearbook Quotes from When School Was a Thing

Quoth the Senior: "I'm never coming back here."
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Dad sends wtf letter to guy for honor restitution years after relationship ends | Isaac N. @isaactweeting One of my best and oldest friends broke up with his high school girlfriend over a decade ago. Today, his wife of 7 years found this absolute ornament in their mailbox. Just...stop what you're doing and read...

Highschool Ex's Dad Demands Restitution for Daughter's Honor

Dear lord.
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Stupid reasons people were punished at school | mbhghghhhh 15.4k points 20 hours ago using my asthma medication class told keep my inhaler office, and use there only told distracting Know else is distracting sounds someone gasping air and having be removed class.

BS Reasons People Got Punished At School

You never forget.
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Twitter thread from a guy on what his school's incident was | tweet by Dean Lines @deanlines like 14 and few mates would "wag" French class and hide out soundproof drum room until lunch time. This went on few weeks one day discovered trap door" beneath carpet tiled floor under drum kit course opened trap door spur moment @spur_of Omg gotta know ASKINcuuit 8h incident high

Twitter Thread: Students Discover Trap Door, Chaos In Tunnels Ensues

Of course all the students wanted to play in the tunnels.
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Funny senior yearbook quotes | ear everything boy with big ears dressed in a tuxedo | Don't use stupid lumber jack photo Mom photo of a person in an orange tank top and jean shorts and a usa flag bandanna around their forehead holding a branch over their shoulder

Funny Senior Quotes that Passed with Flying Colors

One of the only things worth remembering about high school.
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People describe awkward moments from their high school reunions | reddit post deleted 2y Nothing. And by nothing mean awkward feeling at being one twelve who showed up.

People's Awkward Moments At High School Reunions

Almost as awkward as high school was.
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A collection of cringey images from people's high school days | tweet by mklafavers My friends will never let live this picture down, so might as well share with world. They call worm. tweet by Rat_that_chats gal once asked out and sent this response Dank

Twitter Users Share Cringey Photos From High School

It's always fun to look back on our cringiest moments.
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A collection of Twitter users look up their old high school teachers on Google and share the nostalgic results.

People Google Teachers They Had, Nostalgia Ensues

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AskReddit users share their cringiest phases during their teenage years.

AskReddit Users Share Their Cringiest Teenage Phases

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Crazy and wtf things that happened at people's high schools.

The Spiciest Shenanigans That Went Down At People's High Schools

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