wtf cringe gross trashy moments

Trashtacular Moments That Plummeted From The Garbagesphere

Yowza pazowza.
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weird, scary, strange and uncomfortable cursed images

Cursed and Weird Images From The Abyss of The Internet

Uhm, thanks internet.
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skillfully made and strange creations

Impressive Works of Highly Questionable Taste

Everyone has their thing.
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twitter thread on using bathroom in space

Twitter Thread: The Messy History Of Using The Bathroom In Space

It sounds like a lot.
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wtf items and funny things for sale online

Strange and Stupid Junk People Posted For Sale Online

Any takers?
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People describe the gross food and drinks that don't get bashed enough.

Terrible Food And Drinks That People Don't Hate Enough

Cursed foods galore.
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humor gross farting ridiculous traveling funny Video - 107096321

Guy Rips Massive Fart On Airport's Intercom

Hire the kid.
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trashy moments

Trashtacular Moments of Startling Garbage-osity

The world is full of surprises.
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weird and funny things for sale online

Weird, Awful and Wild Junk People Tried Selling Online

Yeah, why not.
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Dude unknowingly drinks bacteria-riddled cranberry juice for years.

Guy Unknowingly Drinks Bacteria-Riddled Cranberry Juice For Years

Better to learn late than never at all.
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satisfying hot tub gross awesome Video win - 107002369

Filthy Hot Tub Getting A Deep Clean Is Immensely Satisfying

Would not wanna dip my toes in that water.
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food where the secret ingredient is not love but hatred

Meals People Made With Hatred, Not Love

It's not a great secret ingredient.
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fun pictures of opossums

Opossums That We Weirdly Identify With

What are they anyway?
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A quick list of TikTok videos that show off gross sink recipes.

TikToker's "Sink Recipes" Are A Cursed Mess

Some things shouldn't exist.
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A collection of awful cake fails that missed their mark by a whole lot.

Absolutely Delicious Cake Fails

So much yum.
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horrible cursed gray food

Cursed Foods Of The Grayest Pallor

Food doesn't deserve to be gray.
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