Man fails to check smoothie ingredients, and gets blindsided by all the creatine.

Man Fails To Check Smoothie Ingredients, Gets Blindsided By All The Creatine

So much ouch in one smoothie.
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A customer angrily demands extra cheese on their Alfredo pizza, and they get more than they bargain for.

Customer Demands Extra Cheese On Alfredo Pizza, Sloppy Cheese Catastrophe Ensues

Shouldn't have been so rude, bro.
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A collection of the grossest wedding foods that people have ever seen.

The Worst Wedding Foods People Have Ever Seen

Domino's is an interesting play.
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trashy behavior

Trashy Moments That Maxed Out The Garbage-ometer

Not everyone is on their A game.
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gross and bad cursed food

Cursed Foods Straight From The Jowls Of Heck

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customer service gross cursed food olive garden ridiculous Video tiktok - 2686726

TikToker Finds Bug Floating In Cursed Soup

Please, please, no.
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weird things people saw at other peoples houses

The Weirdest Things People Saw At Other People's Houses

It uh, takes all kinds.
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customer service panera FAIL gross ridiculous disgusting Video - 2669830

Panera Employee Puts Soup On Blast In Cursed Video

No, no, no.
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funny farting moments

People's Most Champion Farting Moments

The Barons of Beef. The Furors of Flatulence.
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wtf cringe gross trashy moments

Trashtacular Moments That Plummeted From The Garbagesphere

Yowza pazowza.
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weird, scary, strange and uncomfortable cursed images

Cursed and Weird Images From The Abyss of The Internet

Uhm, thanks internet.
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skillfully made and strange creations

Impressive Works of Highly Questionable Taste

Everyone has their thing.
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twitter thread on using bathroom in space

Twitter Thread: The Messy History Of Using The Bathroom In Space

It sounds like a lot.
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wtf items and funny things for sale online

Strange and Stupid Junk People Posted For Sale Online

Any takers?
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People describe the gross food and drinks that don't get bashed enough.

Terrible Food And Drinks That People Don't Hate Enough

Cursed foods galore.
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humor gross farting ridiculous traveling funny Video - 107096321

Guy Rips Massive Fart On Airport's Intercom

Hire the kid.
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