people's text conversations quitting bad bosses

People Who Quit Their Toxic Bosses

The satisfaction is real.
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nice and good wholesome memes

Wholesome Memes Because Everyone Needs A Nice Break

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funny tweets and tumblr memes

Funny Tweets And Tumblr Gems To Make The Day That Much More Tolerable

Mmmm yes.
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weird cursed images

Strange And Cursed Images to Pump Up The Weird

Thanks, internet. I guess.
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funny tumblr gems

Funny Random Tumblr Gems To Help Stifle The Brooding Darkness

It's fun.
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employee is customer, boss demands they do work again

Boss Orders Work To Be Redone, Doesn't Realize Employee Is The Customer

"Sure, if you say so?"
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funny work safety memes

Workplace Safety Memes For The Responsible Coworkers Out There

Stay safe, friends.
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tumblr australian gothic

Tumblr's "Australian Gothic" Is An Upside-Down World Of Existential Dread

Is it truly a g'day?
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funny memes about history

History Memes For Those Enlightened Aficionados Of Time Itself

It's time for history memes.
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funny star trek memes

Star Trek Memes To Boldly Scroll Through While On The Captain's Chair

Live long and prosper.
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news wtf english interesting language lol accent funny - 107347969

Irish Shepherd's Accent Is Absolutely Immense

Yeah, what he said.
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Music email funk lol goofy scam funny weird - 107511041

Musician Turns Scam Email Into Funk Opera

Honestly it's the only acceptable way to respond.
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employees maliciously comply with CEO's wishes in funny stories

Employees Get The Best Of Unhinged CEO In Saga of Malicious Compliance

Masterfully crafted.
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fashion jokes ironic t shirts lol shirt silly dumb funny - 15487749

Ironic, Misplaced and Absurd Shirts

Wear it on your sleeve.
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funny memes for millennials

Millennial Memes For The Aching Backbone of The Economy

Get back to looking at memes.
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funny DIY fixes

Funny Low Budget Fixes and DIY Solutions

Some are genius. Some.
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