japanese mascots getting stuck in things

Japanese Mascots Getting Stuck In Things

Is there a mascot for "getting stuck in things?"
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funny security guard tumblr

Tumblr Thread: Security Guard Hilariously Explains Why Heist Movies Don't Make Sense

It's impossible to plan around tactless incompetence.
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Twitter thread story of dad's abandoned plane in India

Twitter Thread: Dude Tells The Tale of The Abandoned Plane At An Indian Airport

What a wild ride.
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humor FAIL ridiculous funny Video tiktok - 2776838

Girls Open Truck Window On Closed Food Truck, Owner Pops Off

Don't touch the truck, folks.
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low baller wants guitar neck changed but doesn't want to pay for it

Low Baller Wants Guitar Built, Doesn't Understand Why That Should Cost Money

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line cutters at border get instant karma

Line Cutters At Border Get Instant Customs Karma

Well, isn't it the consequences of my actions.
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Bridezilla tries to bail on catering the day before the wedding.

Bridezilla Attempts To Bail On Catering Day Before Wedding

Nice try on that one.
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humor awesome ridiculous funny Video animals - 107493889

Just A Man Brushing His Behemoth Of A Cow

What an immaculate moment.
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funny memes about food

Food Memes To Satiate Our Deep Hunger For Laughter

And also fries.
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funny reviews for weird creepy Garfield toy

The Reviews Are In For This Demonic Garfield Plush

Something's off.
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dietician reviews thanksgiving flavored candy corn in twitter thread

Twitter Thread: Dietician Reviews Terrible Candy Corn

It looks like eating a bag of old teeth.
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A viral Facebook post about a bakery that was accused of using illegal sprinkles on their baked goods.

Bakery In Leeds Gets Outed For Using Illegal Sprinkles, Fiasco Ensues

This is the baking drama that the world deserves.
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funny guy trolls scammer and wastes their time

Dude Gets Targeted By Scammer, Takes Them For A Ride

It's the right thing to do.
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People describe their funniest travel fails in a wild Twitter thread.

Twitter Thread: People's Funniest Travel Fails

Traveling can be quite stressful.
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humor bill nye smart awesome Neil deGrasse Tyson funny Video win - 107488001

Bill Nye Clowns On Neil deGrasse Tyson's Reply

Oh Bill, behave.
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hair stylist starts a rumor and gets a raise

Hair Stylist Starts Rumor That She's Leaving, Gets A Raise

Now there's a novel idea.
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