impressive costume ridiculous funny Video win - 107487745

Costumed Person Destroys The Drums At Children’s Music Concert

Just a bit overqualified.
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jerry seinfeld lol denial funny hug - 107487489

The Time Jerry Seinfeld Awkwardly Refused A Hug From Kesha

No hug for you.
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People describe the dumbest things that their parents actually ended up believing in.

Dumbest Things That People's Parents Actually Believed

Actually too much.
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weird and funny ways restaurants served food

Absurd And Ridiculous Ways Restaurant Tried Serving Food

Ever drank soup from a shoe?
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People describe the craziest rumors that they've ever heard about themselves.

Craziest Rumors That People Have Heard About Themselves

People are bound to spew some crazy lies.
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neighbors good deed tifu funny - 15406853

Good Deed Goes Terribly Wrong When Neighbor Repays the Favor of Reciprocal Lawn Mowing

Guy cuts his neighbors grass and has it repaid with a tragic result.
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A funny Quora post about what a guy would do if he was kidnapped by a chess grandmaster.

A Dude's Wildly Imaginative Hot Take On Freeing Himself From Chess Grandmaster

What a Chad.
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A funny Tumblr post about some very helpful frat boys.

Bros Unite Groggy Brain Cells To Track Down Misplaced Keys

Well done, lads.
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funny twitter thread enlarging collar using photoshop

Twitter User Promises Enlarged Collar In Exchange For Likes, It Gets Too Big

Ya know, normal stuff.
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things that look like food but aren't

Stuff That Looks Like Delicious Food But Is Very Much Not That

Mmmm insulation.
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funny stories of dumb things people did with their minds on autopilot

Stupid Things People Did On Autopilot

That's a woopsie.
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Karen thinks she's abusing staff, gets told off by fellow customer

Karen Mistakenly Bullies Fellow Customer, Gets Mocked

How the tables turn.
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funny sign jokes

Funny Signs That Took Humor Into The Second Dimension

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A collection of deeply humorous dad jokes.

Dad Jokes That Quite Literally Outdad-ed Themselves

Always handy to have these in the back pocket.
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funny attempts and failures at translations and writing in English

Inventive Failures Of The English Language

It kinda makes sense.
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A collection of the wildest temper tantrums that people have ever witnessed from adults.

Most Embarrassing Temper Tantrums People Have Witnessed From Adults

Ah yes, the good old public freakout.
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