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Pepsi is the Only Righteous Soda

fox news gay marriage obama pepsi soda - 6213110528
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FAIL Nation: Canadian Protest FAIL

Canada fail nation fox news g rated Hall of Fame Protest - 6175783680

FAIL Nation: Probably Bad News: McNugget Emergency

911 fail nation fox news g rated McDonald's - 6137144576

They Report, You Deride

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All Business WIN

bewbs business classy fox news lady bits - 5879215616
att fox news Video - 33940481

I'm having that weird feeling where I agree with Fox News. Weird.

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clever fox news muppets news sick burn Video - 33048321

Press Conference WIN

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Probably Bad News: Apparently Math Has a Liberal Bias

failboat fox news g rated math is hard Probably bad News - 5364923904
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Fox News Rumors

fox news pedobear poll warning - 4837256448
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Fox News FAIL

failboat fox news g rated news politics Sarah Palin screenshot wrong picture - 4838501120
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failboat fox news g rated juxtaposition news politics Sarah Palin - 4645578752
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captions chuck norris facts failboat fox news g rated news really television - 4598181888
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facepalm failboat fox news g rated Japan names news places television - 4565326848
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Protesting WIN

fox news politics - 4487373824
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failboat fox news g rated llamas - 4477624832
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Plain Old Weiner WIN

awesome at work food fox news menu - 4465244928
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