mother in law lies about having allergies because she is a picky eater

Mother-In-Law Lies About Allergies For Years, Gets Called Out When She Steals Mousse

Really, lady?
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funny bread memes

Bread Memes to Fall In Loaf With

No more milling about.
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Twitter discussed Swedish people not feeding guests

The Internet Found Out Some Swedish People Don't Feed Guests and Twitter Had A Day About It

Really puts the Swedish Chef into perspective.
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'Karen' Accuses Hibachi Chef Of Being Racist When He Said 'Kobe' After Landing A Good Throw| thumbnail text - kobe, you have to bring a black man into this?

'Karen' Accuses Hibachi Chef Of Being Racist After He Said 'Kobe' While Landing A Good Toss

Karen's are unstoppable
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boss's daughter steals lunch and gets sent to hospital with peanut allergy, boss blames coworker

Boss's Daughter Steals Lunch, Gets Sent To Hospital, Boss Tries Blaming Employee

Of course it's the boss's kid.
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funny food memes

32 Delectable Food Memes To Amuse That Bouche

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tumblr thread on bread fraud

Tumblr Rises To Explain The Rich, Flakey History Of Bread Fraud

Bread and lies.
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funny cats and kittens with food on their faces

Messy Cats Who Failed To Eat Properly

They tried.
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funny twitter thread on creation of totwaffle

Twitter User Explains The Creation Of The Greatest Union, The Totwaffle

Looks pretty good.
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funny guy fieri memes

Guy Fieri Memes To Get But A Taste Of Flavortown

The Duchy of Flavorton.
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funny weird and cursed food memes

Humorous and Heinous Food Memes To Pack That Gullet

Already seen enough today.
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wtf old recipe cards

Old Recipe Cards We Hope No One Ever Tried

Because salad needs Jell-O.
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funny food opinions

People Share Their Most Controversial Food Opinions

Oh no, the controversy!
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customer support customer service malicious compliance retail customers food service idiots food fast food karen - 16372741

Idiot Karen Plays Herself and Demands to Talk to Manager, Already Is

While u/Snadsnek7 was working at a fast-food restaurant chain they had a “pretty strict” manager named Jay who sought to help his team keep up with company KPIs by helping and being hands-on. Jay did “not have patience for rude people” Jay tried to explain to an ornery idiot that ordering the food she wanted together as a combo would save her money. Idiot continued to insist that she didn't need the drinks and so didn't want the combo. She just wanted the separate items. So, Jay complied. Pains…
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man lies to wife about candy flavor for 13 years

Man Lies To Wife About Gummy Flavors For 13 Years, She Finds Out

Marriage over.
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customer support customer service malicious compliance food convenient-cop service industry police - 16364293

Unwise Guy Cries For Fresh Fries, Worker Maliciously Complies, Idiot Gets Surprise Cop Prize

There's nothing better than a conveniently placed cop for some instant justice.
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