Watch an Interview With the Guy Who Was (Unsurprisingly) Fired After Leaving This Note

monday thru friday sign fired work note viral Video - 8129804544
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Star Tours IS Worth It, Though

disneyland fired - 7986706432
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This Has Happened Twice

fired funny high work - 7983572736
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Chef Takes Glorious Revenge on the Restaurant That Allegedly Wrongfully Terminated Him

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Boss Friend

fired bosses World Series red sox - 7878844928
By Tracy

Fired and Pwned

owned jobs fired pwned bosses work funny failbook g rated - 7515775744
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The Worst Thing to See When You Go to Clock In

fired - 7257787904
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Sucks to Be Everyone

fired highways signs - 7186689280
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Still, This is the Coolest Way to Lose Your Job

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That's One Way to Get Fired

fired shark - 7138462208
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Hey! There's an Idea!

jobs fired lazy - 7093395200
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Fired By a 10-Year-Old.

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Happy Now?

Webcomic fired astronaut - 6760715776
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That Goes for Sushi Too!

chef fired sushi - 6534816768
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They're Called Privacy Settings. Use Them.

boss facebook fired Hall of Fame job privacy - 6379192832
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You Can't Spell Pouch Without "Ouch"

fired laid off sacked - 6355617792
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