Customer service stands up to Karen secret shopper, then she gets fired

Secret Shopper Karen Is Too Much of A Karen, Gets Fired

The Karen is too strong in this one!
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Teacher gets pink slip, uses bad student skills to get back at faculty | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/itsthebman12 19 hours ago O 5 4 3 3 4 Have students build oc M am Technology Education teacher who always went above and beyond my school, students, and administrators spent countless hours designing and building things school e. signs, murals, wall art, games, etc really didn't mind because enjoy design challenges go along with these builds until received pink slip those who are not aware

Teacher Given Pink Slip, Chooses Least Qualified Students for School Project

Well that's one way to send a message.
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A collection of stories from people about new hires that absolutely tanked in their first few days.

AskReddit Thread: New Hires That Absolutely Tanked

It's a wonder they got the jobs in the first place.
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bad professor doesn't let student with ADHD use tablet, gets fired | Posted by u/KiSpacePanda Tell drop class if don't like rules? Okay, then lose 5 students and job. oc M This happened years ago but post on here reminded So freshman college registered basic ass English 102 course doubled as humanities credit thought “great, two birds one stone" despite Rate My Professor this class being abysmal at best.

Rude Professor Won't Allow ADA Compliant Tablet, Pays for It

Why be like this?
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Story of a guy who didn't work at Walmart but got "fired" by a manager | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by u/mfstevenson1 12 hours ago got fired walmart and never worked there Obligatory on mobile, sorry about any formatting issues! About year ago worked selling solar panel systems. This job required wear khakis and blue polo meeting customers. One particular day, after meeting with homeowner had stop by my local walmart get more pens and notepad my work bag.

Guy Who Didn't Work at Walmart Fired by Walmart Manager

So no harm done?
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Things people did to get the fired on the first day | reddit posted by BADMANvegeta_ Guy lied about knowing drive forklift. Drove into support beam photo of man driving in a warehouse dressed in a safety jacket

What New Hires Did to Get Fired on the First Day

Here's a list of things to not do at your job.
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Boss uses layoff to get staff hired | shortadamlewis 13.3k points 1 year ago 4 3 8 O had lay off my entire staff (and myself) with 8 hours notice contract project manager on government project (office type work At our periodic review on Thursday government announced they would not be renewing our contract and our last day Friday next day

Stellar Manager Handles Layoff Like a Boss

That's a mighty fine turnaround given the circumstances.
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An AskReddit thread about the fastest ways that people got fired | KnightofShaftsbury New guy started on Monday and gone by Friday guy hit some racking warehouse with forklift, boss saw him do and guy decided lie about asked if he knew happened.

Fastest Ways People's Co-Workers Got Fired

Some folks struggle harder than others.
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cool CEO fires bad VP work story | Posted by u/PJExpat 5 hours ago "No one is above rules, and mean no one call if he pulls rank" oc L used work marketing company serviced small and medium-sized businesses across America multi-billion dollar revenue company CEO true rags riches story. He joined company right after he got out jail his early 20s small drug charge and worked his way up over 20 years eventually become CEO company CEO strongly believed success company did not come brilliant and

VP Pulls Rank and Screws Employee, Gets Canned by Cool CEO

A boss that listens to their employees?
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Karen wastes budget on ugly designs until she loses her job | Posted by u/6463694 10 hours ago Client wants us create design "exactly" like their ugly Powerpoint comply. oc L As designer try educate my clients on design and why something has be done certain way. My agency is not cheap, so make quite clear they are paying our experience and knowledge, not some Photoshop monkey. Most time, my clients are appreciative and enjoy extra guidance and professional advice. Occasionally get "fun" jobs.

Karen Uses Up Budget on Ugly Powerpoints, Gets Fired

Beauty is in the eye of the... Powerpoint... holder?
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Woman gets unjustly fired, and proceeds to take revenge on the business | r/ProRevenge u/InTheHague 18h Join Unjustly fire Let take down business real quick. This happened few years ago, and still makes giggle with glee this day 34yr old F, who has always been bit tom boy like cars, sports and reptiles 25I wanted career change, and finally follow my dream working an auto repair shop as painter like my father always did.

Woman Gets Unjustly Fired, Takes Nuclear Revenge On Business

Karma came around to collect.
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A collection of ways that employees managed to get their bosses fired | GrumpyScapegoat 3d used math prove their superior severely my boss had underestimated turnover 3+ years row, costing ton money and labor issues. One day earlier boss had screamed at my team until his face went purple, making huge spectacle front entire floor gist were colluding against company by handful us) electing not renew our contracts. Came back with graphs and maths, baby. He demoted and transferred out couple weeks

AskReddit Thread: Ways Workers Got Their Bosses Fired

Sometimes the boss has to go.
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Coworker mistakes that didn't get them fired | Aufwader 25.6k points 16 hours ago Accidentally send last three years account details/back statements one company their direct competitor

Ridiculous Things Coworkers Didn't Get Fired For

Apparently everyone could be working way less hard.
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People describe the craziest reasons that people have been fired | asleeppam worked retail, and had an employee would hide and take naps inside racks clothes. Somehow wasn't reason fired her fired her stealing clothes and then wearing them work.

Craziest Reasons People Got Fired

Some people need to go more than others.
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New Hire Karen doesn't come to work, lies, gets fired and then uses the company as a reference | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by SumoNinja17 New hire misses MOST first three weeks work, then uses as reference TL:DR neighbor/Karen takes advantage our company with outrageous claims, then uses us as reference get our point across with creative wording. Karen continues use us reference and clueless protected fellow business owners

New Hire Barely Works, Still Uses Company as Reference

What a move.
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Employee gets fired and gets revenge by getting other employees fired | Posted by u/RowanWinterlace 22 hours ago Fire All Losing Jobs. My 2019 wild. But with everything finally on up and up feel can tell this story here. After uni (late 2018 fell on rough times and forced move back my home town tried transfer my job branch my area but failed, thus needed get new job

Employee Framed for Theft Ends Up on Top

If there was ever a case for sending a strongly worded email...
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