Things Not to Wear on a Date

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How You Know It's Meant to Be

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Perfect for a First Date

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Noise Ordinance Kicks in at 10, Fart Ordinance is Always

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Something Tells Me They Don't Teach You This Wrestling Technique in Training

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What Did You Eat?

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At Least She's Honest?

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Watch "The Farting Olympics," Because You Know You're 12-Years-Old at Heart

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Kids Are the Most Honest Criminals

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Sometimes You Just Got to Get Away

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Wagner's "The Fart" Cycle

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This is, Hands Down, the Best Headline Ever Made

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One Smelly Missed Connection

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Do Bears Poop in the Woods? Do Deer Fart in the Meadow?

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Listen, Nobody Can Follow This Rule

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At Least She's Honest

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