I Don't Remember the R.E.M. Song Going Quite Like That

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By Unknown
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Are Silent Farts Worse?

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Share a Romantic Evening With Your Farts

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By Unknown

The Holy Ghost Needs to Cut Out the Burritos

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By S Smith (Via MSN)

The Best Way to Learn About Science!

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By Unknown

We Have a Pretty Bad Rupture in the Southside

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By Unknown

You Don't Always Want to Know the Reason, Dudes

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By Unknown

Prepare for Launch

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By Unknown

True Love Smells of Bad Eggs

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By Spodermen

Brilliant Logic

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From Thoughts to Farts

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By MeanieHead

Nice Depiction of Dad's Bubble Butt

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By Unknown

The Burp/Fart Combo is a Great Conversation Starter at Home

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By Unknown

We Live in a World With "Fart Dampeners," and This is the Result

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By Unknown
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Snooker Fan Farts Gives New Meaning to Term "Missing The Brown"

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Say it Loud, Say it Proud

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By erhelm (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)