Time to Make Some Ghosts on Taco Night!

sign wisdom farts g rated win - 7414964736
By Unknown

They Do Smell Like Death

farts signs clever - 7405224192
By Unknown


farts ghosts comic - 7405210880
Via Jim Benton

Total Eclipse of the Shart

poop Lord of the Rings farts - 7111223552
By AKHayleyO

Forced Perspective WIN

photography farts perspective - 7078377472
Via Reddit

Coincidental Statuses

farts deep thoughts failbook g rated - 7057747712
By JezkaTheChiz

What Smells So Nice?

farts underwear - 7039112704
By Unknown

I Now Regret the Bacon, Eggs, and Coffee I Had for Breakfast

farts masks - 7038752512
By Unknown

I Felt a Real Connection!

Babies farts facebook - 6871527168
By Unknown

Civic Duty FAIL

sticker farts election 2012 - 6742490624
By Unknown

Hehe... Farts...

college farts - 6665753088
By Unknown

Nice View WIN

farts illusion perspective - 6511945216
By Unknown

Excuse Me

baby bubbles farts - 6470352640
By Unknown

Bros: Debrodorant

butt buttsecks deodorant farting farts - 6456678912
By Unknown

Damn So That's What We Miss Out On In Good Weather

farts - 6423393280
By Unknown

Failbook: Rain Farts

failbook farts g rated rain science smell - 6416088320
By Chrisizzle