farts petty revenge fart - 17123845

Woman Weaponizes "Wind Horn" to Get Revenge on Douchey Brother-In-Law

Everyone knows that person who, no matter what they do or eat, has a weapon of mass destruction in their gut. These people are the ones you call when you want to clear a room or violate the Geneva convention. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/petty revenge subreddit by the butt-blaster, Redditor u/GassyMcThrowaway, whose “throwaway” account is aptly named.
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farts flatulence Memes lol dumb funny stupid fart - 16131845

Fart Memes To Let Loose Upon The Unsuspecting Public

If you don't think farts are funny, you're untrustworthy. Think about it. It's one of the only sources of humor that's completely universal and no one gets hurt permanently. There's absolutely no downside. So if you're out here saying this is childish, moronic, and only idiots could find this funny, you are right and you need to find some different company. Now here's a waffle maker that also makes farts.
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farts ghosts lol amazing dumb funny stupid - 107554305

Ghost Hunters With Farts Is Absolutely Delightful

Finally a reason to recoil at an empty room.
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funny farting moments

People's Most Champion Farting Moments

The Barons of Beef. The Furors of Flatulence.
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Dude experiences an absolutely horrendous farting experience while on a road trip. | TIFU by eating 8 chocolate fiber bars before long car ride with family and experiencing most absurd gas leak history.

Dude Consumes 8 Chocolate Fibre Bars, Historical Gas Leak Ensues

So much ouch.
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Guys chat about the math and physics using farts as propulsion in space | If floating zero g with no momentum essentially stuck space space station and, let's say there are handholds nearby 1 meter away and way 90kg hard would have fart propel body nearest handhold weigh Completely dependent on fast want get there As fast as possible suppose need determine capabilities human anus withstand explosive forces. don't know if fart would have propelling force similar on Earth as zero g

Dudes do the Math on If a Fart Could Propel Someone in Zero G

They got to the bottom of it.
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guy gets stuck under barbell at the gym

Unfortunate Dude Gets Pinned Under Barbell And Then It Gets Worse

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deaf kid finds out farts make noise

Farting Deaf Student Shocked by Bombshell Revelation

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funny amazon reviews

Guy’s Tale of Revenge Makes For Epic Amazon Review

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On-Air Blooper farts weather - 85588993

Future President Interupts Weather Report to Fart on Meterologist

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farts science - 84936193

Here's Why You Like the Smell of Your Own Disgusting Farts, You Gross Weirdo. Seriously, See a Doctor

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Drop the Beat

twitter FAIL farts - 8972537344
Via @DaddyBlackery
Craigslist missed connection of mysterious farter at Trader Joe's

This Weird Craigslist Missed Connection Involves a Mysterious Farter at Trader Joe's

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Let it Fly

farts dating - 8967496704
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girl farting during tinder date

Girl Comes Clean About Farting and Dashing During Tinder Date

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The Dangers of Dating Deaf

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