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'They sure love your house!': Entitled contractors unexpectedly bring their kids to couple's home, who then proceed to trash it

Decorum in a situation you've seldom encountered can be difficult to discern. You suddenly find yourself overthinking every movement, act, and word that comes out of your mouth to try and seem like you know what's going on and belong in that situation. So, then, what should you do when you have a contractor in your home? I'm sure we've all shared in the awkwardness of this experience at some point. Are you meant to try and help them or offer assistance? It would be polite to offer them a glass…
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Karen demands I don a costume and hand out candy to her kid, three days after Halloween

Karen takes her kid Trick-or-Treating 3 days after Halloween, demands neighbor to don costume and give candy

Halloween is clearly over, lady!
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'Apparently she thinks knowing this allows me to hack her': Karen insists custom computer guy is trying to hack her and her child

When you deal with customers, no matter how big or small your operation is, there's the inevitable risk that, at some point, you'll stray across an unreasonable one. It's incredibly likely that your experience with this someone with culminate with them blaming you for problems and unhappiness of their own making while gesturing wildly in a manner reminiscent of a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man—just to be sure they've gotten their point across. If the experience doesn't end in an…
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'I looked at her like are you serious?': Mom refuses to discipline tantrum-throwing kid, nanny complies, mom lives to regret it

This one goes out to all the nannies and babysitters out there!
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‘What screams bad parenting?’: 20+ hot takes on what not to do when you have kids

There are infinite ways to parent a child, which means there are also infinite mistakes to be made.
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Entitled family takes theatre seats, gets karmic reward

Taking something that isn't yours—or is otherwise claimed or being used by another party—is generally a bad move. If you've ever considered doing this, maybe you should reconsider… or just go home and rethink your life. ( You don't want to sell me death sticks…) This family's behavior is eerily similar to that annoying child who would take your seat in class when you got up to do something and would refuse to move since you didn't call “dibs” or “tap-tap seat back." I think it's safe to say tha…
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'You'll get paid in garlic': 10+ Top Entitled People, Karens, and Choosing Beggars Who Wanted Everything For Nothing

This world is jam-packed with all sorts of wonderful people: people who are empathetic and honest, generous and fair, responsible and humble. Unfortunately, the yin to that yang comes in the form of an onslaught of entitled, cruel and selfish people who want everything for nothing and everything for themselves. They care not about anyone or their negative impact on the society that they benefit from—like a leech that's had more than its fill, growing fat unnoticed on a swimmer's leg. This is a…
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'[I] don't need them anymore': Entitled Karen asks for a refund for her wedding photos when she gets divorced years later

It never ceases to amaze me the ends that entitled people will go to and the mental hoops they will jump through in order to justify their behavior… “Hi! It's your old pal from Kindergarten here. I don't know if you still remember me, but I'd like my Pokemon cards back that I traded you for your cookie since I'm not using the cookie anymore, and the fat cells it gave me have long since gone away!” With that logic, anyone could ask for a refund for anything—at any time.
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'I live here!': Karen parks in family's driveway and tries to pretend it's her house

When someone is caught in a lie, it's always surprising to see how far they will take it. You might expect the liar to give it up, admit defeat, and admit to their deceit, but liars have been lying for so long that they don't know how to turn it off and will continue building up the fabrication even after their lie has been substantially disproven. Reddit user u/Top-Studio8028 posted this thread to Reddit's r/entitledparents, sharing a story that he and his brother experienced after their famil…
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'Fainting doesn't look like that': Entitled Karen gets caught using accessible parking space, lies about condition and faints in front of police

As horrible as she is, you have to admire Karen's commitment to the bit. I mean, this lady tried to steal the Redditor's accessible parking space without a placard, then when the police came by to interrogate the situation, she tried to steal the Redditor's disability. And to top it all off, she tried to act light-headed and fake faint. I mean, you can't make all this up. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/entitledparents subreddit by u/little_acacia , who unfortunately suffers from an invisi…
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'I'm not a charity': Snarky choosing beggar demands a petsitter take her dog last minute, gets completely roasted instead

Over a series of texts, this dog owner demanded a dog sitter watch her precious pooch, and she didn't bother to ask nicely. Instead, this entitled mom and dog owner tried every trick in the book to get the dog sitter to take this pup off her hands. Right off the bat, the conversation started with snakiness. The dog mom/Karen defined herself as “a potential and a little upset customer," who was annoyed that the pet sitter didn't answer her fast enough. Despite the pretentious way Karen was talki…
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'This line is so long, do you know who I am?': 15+ entitled jerks who need to take several seats

There are people in this world who will simply never learn.
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AITA for telling a teacher she's being unreasonable?

Entitled Mom vs. 'Unreasonable' Teacher: Mom wants son to miss test for a pep rally, teacher refuses

We love when a teacher puts their foot down, but at what cost?
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‘This is why I hate people’: Pizza Karen thinks waitress is a teen mom, tips heavily, then demands money back

No one said tipping should be about whether or not you’re the mother of the crying baby in the restaurant.
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‘But do I LOOK like a shoplifter?’: Entitled Mom asked to show receipt before leaving store, goes into full Karen rage mode

As if people who wear nice clothes don’t steal…
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Update: 'Get off my property now': Entitled Mom breaks into neighbor's backyard to use the pool, gets kicked out, kid destroys neighbor's home with fireworks

This one is full of twists and turns that give entitled mothers a whole new look.
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