pro revenge revenge engineering prorevenge engineer - 17268741

Company Refuses to Pay Engineer Contractor, He Makes Them Regret It

This engineer left the company they worked for shortly after completing the installation of an important mystery machine (No, not the one from Scooby-Doo.) For some reason, the manager at the client's site kept their number and contacted them personally to come and rectify an error with the machine. They agreed that the engineer would come in on the weekend to complete contract work on the machine at twice their usual rate. Everything was going according to plan until the manager came in and to…
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AITA for saying at a recruiting event, that I am trotted out as the token 'girl engineer' for every recruiting event?

Engineer Calls Her Employer Out at Recruiting Event For Using Her as the "Token Girl"

This female tech engineer often found herself being rolled out to recruiting events as the “token girl engineer” and when a young woman asked her what the diversity at the company was like she was honest with her answer. This honesty has landed her in a lot of hot water with her company, who didn't like her saying the quiet parts out loud. Thumbnail Image: ThisisEngineering RAEng
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wtf engineering aircraft lol big russian funny airplane - 107832833

Enormous Plane Cuts Through Fog Like A Lawnmower

The An-225 is the largest cargo plane in the world, built by the Russian company Antonov Airlines. This one in particular landed at Rzeszów airport on a relatively foggy day, clearing a path through like a goddamn sky Roomba. Needless to say, there is something very Russian about building an aircraft so large it leaves a big fat trail of blue sky behind it.
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wtf vehicle off road technology engineering interesting cars weird - 107813889

Offroad Vehicle Deploys Bonus Fifth Wheel For Extra Boost

It's, like a whole 'nother wheel, man. That just makes it one better than a regular vehicle with four wheels. It doesn't look like that fifth wheel has a whole lot of torque, but nonetheless it seems to work for stabilizing this thing on rocks. Being able to deploy a super special fifth wheel does sound like a fun feature, especially for those of us who mostly just have experience being third wheels.
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engineering lol bubbles fans funny stupid machine - 107790081

Oscillating Fan Becomes Bubble Machine With Wonderfully Dumb Ingenuity

Just in case anyone wants to engineer their own semi-functional bubble machine, all it takes is a fan, a coat hanger, an O-ring, some string, a cinder block, and something to strap it all together. It's one of those solid reminders that people can do literally anything they want to with their free time. But hey, it's not like we've engineered our own bubble machine, so points to this person for figuring it out.
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funny low budget engineering solutions | red car with just the door replaced by a silver one with the word "red" written on it | be chilling while all yall are sweating this season lawnmower with a built in air conditioner

Low Budget DIY Engineering Solutions

Looks like it works.
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funny low budget engineering

Masterful Feats of Low Budget Engineering

The best ideas are the simplest ones.
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low budget Do-it-yourself engineering | fixing a broken headlamp in a car with a bottle of coke | cleaning roof drainage pipes with an extra tall leaf blower

Masterful Low Budget DIY Solutions

It's not stupid if it works.
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funny and wtf low budget engineering solutions

Intriguing and Sometimes Inadvisable DIY Solutions

If it works, it might still be stupid.
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funny low budget DIY solutions

Low Budget DIY Solutions That Are Held Together By Sheer Will

What a marvel of engineering.
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chicken engineering cute lol low budget chickens solution Video - 107575809

Chickens Cross River Using Chain Bridge Technology

It's like guitar hero but with chickens.
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scary robotics wtf engineering interesting robots future science Video - 107519489

Robotic Arm With Artificial Muscles Is Amazing And Terrifying

The future is here and it is ripped.
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metal cool steel explosion work engineering awesome loud - 106606849

Making a Steel Sphere with an Explosion

Yeah that's awesome.
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bicycle wtf engineering Taiwan amazing jet engine illegal - 107351041

Dude Builds Jet Engine Bicycle, It Works

Alright that's pretty cool.
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Client hires lousy electrical contractor, they ignore plans, end up having to do more work.

Client Hires Lousy Electrical Contractor, Contractor Ignores Plans, Ends Up With More Work

That contractor got their rightful comeuppance.
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Engineering students successfully truck-proof a vulnerable mailbox.

Truck Vandalizes Mailbox, Engineering Students Craft Superhero Mailbox

Get that mailbox a cape.
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