A collection of the funniest things that people have seen happen in classrooms. | HS classmate stripped off his clothing reveal spiderman suit. He then put on mask and climbed out 2nd story window and proceeded walk along ledge another classrom, and entered classroom through window.

Funniest Things People Have Seen In Classrooms

Classrooms can get real silly.
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funny history memes | Hammer invented 8000 BC People 7999 BC: person in hard hat helmet using a hammer and nail

History Memes For The Splendiferously Learned

Yes, the knowledge beckons.
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A collection of the most elaborate attempts at cheating that teachers ever witnessed.

Most Elaborate Attempts At Cheating That Exam Proctors Witnessed

Honestly, just impressed.
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A Twitter thread about a guy making an assumption about his classmate always saving him a desk.

Guy's Pure Twitter Thread Is Lesson In Not Judging People

Solid friendship origin story.
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A Tumblr thread about how people will lie to get themselves the right job or grade in school.

A Tumblr Post On Lack Of Scientific Integrity

Humans are complex creatures.
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frustrating school cringe ridiculous education Video tiktok - 2719238

Professor Requires Students To Attend Class In-Person, Doesn't Show Up Himself

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wholesome school awesome education Video win the feels - 107402241

Teacher Helps Student Overcome His Stammer

A nice shining moment for humanity.
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People describe the funniest things that were said or done by teachers.

The Funniest Things Said Or Done By People's Teachers

Teachers get bored too.
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student appeals failing grade, gets justice against bad professor

Unfair Teacher Fails Half Of Class, Student Settles The Score

Gotta learn somehow.
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humor school teacher prank ridiculous education funny Video - 107317505

Math Professor Fixes Projector Screen

Nice one there, teach.
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A strict professor wants a student to prove that they're trying to improve their grades, so they do just that.

Strict Professor Wants Student To Prove They're Trying To Improve Their Grades, Malicious Compliance Ensues

A+ work right there.
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A student has to do all the work on a group project, so a pro revenge ensues.

Student Has To Do All The Work On Group Project, Pro Revenge Ensues

A+ work on that one.
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A cheating student thinks that they have their professor fooled, and then they learn otherwise.

Cheating Student Thinks They Have Professor Fooled, Learn Otherwise

Oh boy, they thought wrong.
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Teacher makes false claim against student, so student's mom unleashes pro revenge.

Teacher Makes False Claim Against Student, Student's Mom Takes Revenge

Some teachers are worse than others.
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Guy proceeds to get educated on car safety and physics.

Guy Proceeds To Get Schooled On Car Safety And Physics

It's never too late to learn something new.
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A nostalgic Twitter thread brings back the weird elementary school memories.

Nostalgic Twitter Thread Brings Back Weird Elementary School Memories

A nice trip down memory lane.
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