picky eater orders burger to hibachi restaurant

Picky Eater Orders Fast Food To Hibachi Restaurant, Internet Weighs In

It's always something.
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tumblr thread on meat-eating plants

Tumblr Expounds On The Meat-Eating Nature of Plants

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vegan fiancé won't eat vegan food, the internet weighs in on it

Vegan Fiancé Blames Cook For Not Knowing Her Secret Dietary Restrictions

Oh. Great.
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funny memes about food

Food Memes to Feed Our Hungry Souls

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tumblr thread about eating at mob restaurants

Tumblr Thread: Eating Good Meals At Crime Fronts

The secret ingredient is crime.
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Dude unknowingly eats the very hot sauce that he hates most in this world.

Man Loathes Sriracha, Unknowingly Eats It For Months

Well, you live and you learn.
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Dumb objects and things restaurants served food on | pieces of broccoli stuck to barbed wire on a plate | mini burgers served on the back of an electric guitar

Stupid Things Restaurants Used Instead of Dishes

The one thing we don't miss.
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trees eating and enveloping things | cable connected to an electric socket engulfed by a tree trunk | sink sticking out of a tree

Famished Trees that Engulfed Stuff

Nothing is safe.
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amazing trees enveloping and eating things | OFF LIMITS FIREWOOD CUTTING | tree that grew around a motorcycle

Voracious Trees That Engulfed Things

The trees are coming.
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food beings eaten the wrong way | bite taken out the side of an unpeeled banana | cutting pieces from the center of a pizza with a fork and knife

Foods Being Eaten Improperly

Put the banana down.
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A funny Tumblr thread on various recipes from around the world | french recipes: if not making this paris then 's point. fuck italian recipes: use left leg meat pig one three farms this specific area tuscany, or this day my grandmother will begin manifesting physically house thirdtimecharmed american recipes: buy these three cans stuff and put them pan congrats cooked

Tumblr Thread: Recipes From Around The World

Apparently, these are on point.
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Video of possums eating bananas

Opossums Eating Bananas are Strangely Hypnotic

You rarely see so many in one place.
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Vegan stepdaughter can't stand that cat eats meat | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/headachebrewing 20 hours ago AITA telling my stepdaughter she's absolutely under no circumstances allowed switch out my cats food vegan food even though she's losing weight because sight normal cat food makes her sick? Not hole Sorry appalling title. My stepdaughter is living with my husband and next year. Shes an educated young professional who's saving up buy her own home.

Vegan Stepdaughter Can't Stand that Cat Isn't Vegan

What an interesting argument.
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Trees overgrowing signs and objects so it looks like they're eating them | a red round car road sign with a tree trunk growing around it so that it's halfway swallowed hidden in the bark

Trees Munching on Stuff

These trees are hungry for signs.
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Family orders the same dish repeatedly, and assumes that they'll only be charged once | Family racks up $100 bill because they don't understand ordering same dish multiple times does not mean only get charged once Long Boy oh boy, some people. Obligatory: On mobile, TL;DR at bottom. This happened yesterday. All prices are Canadian dollars, convert before say 's expensive.

Family Assumes Ordering Same Dish Repeatedly Only Charges Once

They assumed that the tax was a tip that'd been added on too.
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Vegan daughter demands dad can't cook meat in house.

Dad Asks If He's Wrong For Upsetting Vegan Daughter With His Bacon Cooking

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