The Reason We Don't Want Your Dad on Twitter

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Dad Will Be Here All Week Folks, Try the Veal!

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Dad and Daughter Face Off in the Ultimate Dance Battle

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New Dad, Same as the Old Dad

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Dads Are the Elephants of Dumb Jokes: They Never Forget

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Nothing Wrong With a Man Drinking a Bottle of Merlot

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an endless stream of dad jokes

Because You've Always Wanted an Endless Stream of Dad Jokes

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The Coolest Dad Ever Made His Son a Different Kind of Boba Fett Cosplay

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This Man Had to Give Up the Car of His Dream to Marry His Wife, But Who Says You Can't Have it All?

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Dads Go to War With Their Kids' Toys

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Daddy's Little Coma

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Wait, How Would Dad Know Anything About This?

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Some Sort of... Day for Male Parents?

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Get That Unrealistic Garbage Outta Here!

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Everyone in This Conversation Deserves a Wrecking Ball

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A Dad's Guide to Dealing With Frozen

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