"Ten Bucks? Sure, Son, It's in the Desk Drawer!"

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He Has an Active Imagination

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Go Away, Dad...

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See, Kids? I'm Punk!

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Just Sayin'

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Oh, Dad...

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Oh, Paw

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Trolling Dad Strikes Again

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Can't You Just Ask Me Like a Normal Person?

Text - O 7% oo vodafone UK 01:11 Notes 5 January 2014 01:11 Dad: what comes after S in the alphabet? Ме: Т?? Dad: milk and two sugars thanks I fall for this way too often.
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Bonding Experience

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Nice Work, Dad

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Why Aren't MY Parents This Awesome?

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Daddy's Little Girl

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That Should Do It

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It Starts to Lose Meaning After a While

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