My Baby is Stronger Than Your Baby

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Like Father, Like Son

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The Emoji Says It All

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dad fashion on instgram

Fashion Dads Is the Instagram Account For All Those Fly Fathers Out There

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These 9 Dads Have the Whole Parenting Thing Figured Out

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Plz Stahp

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Shorts Over the Jammies For the WIN

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DILFS of Disneyland Highlights The Handsomest Dads From the Happiest Place on Earth

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Ruff Love

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'How to Dad' Showcases How You Can Get Your Baby to Clean the House

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How to Teach a Baby to Catch a Ball #Parentingsabreeze

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Gotta Plead Ignorance

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dad makes a selfie stick

Dad Assembles Ghetto Selfie Stick to Take Pictures of Birds in a Tree

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Dad Replicates His Daughter's Duckface Selfies With Style

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Introducing the Mobile Potty

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