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Wholesome Dads Whose Daughters Gave Them Makeovers

That's some pure, uncut, quality dad behavior right there. This too-wholesome-for-its-own-good twitter thread has dads from all over sharing some potentially unflattering, but highly endearing glamor shots of themselves after their daughters got at them with make-up. For some extra wholesomeness, here are some wholesome memes because everyone deserves a nice break.
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Ridiculous Dads Doing Their Thing With the Most Hilarious of Results

Your eyes will roll and your mom will lol.
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Eye-Rolling Dad Jokes That Will Make You Groan With Exasperation

Dad jokes from The Dad on twitter that will you face palm.
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Dad Jokes As Satisfying As A Freshly Mowed Lawn

Ah, nice.
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parenting memes, funny jokes and tweets | I thought my 6 year old smuggling pipe into school s just kazoo, either way he's grounded. wooden box with a golden kazoo.

Dad Memes for the Dads Out There

Stay grillin'.
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Funny dad memes and jokes | Dads showing other dads ribs they grilled over weekend Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio

Dad Memes for the Hardworking Dads Out There

Quick, find a dad!
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Judge Judy Rant: Father's Aren't Second Class Citizens

Dad was stoked.
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A collection of slang terms that dads can use to embarrass their daughters | FaroutIGE 2y while reading paper just quietly and slowly say gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gangggg whatever tune feel like recommend channeling sinatra

Slang Terms Dads Can Use To Embarrass Their Daughters

Nice for any dad to have in the back pocket.
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Conversation about what to do with dad's ashes |  she putting some his ashes into my jar she had CHISEL AT HIS ASHES get enough put jar can't stop laughing. Does anyone know break ashes back up doesn't involve chisel or putting pillowcase and driving over with car (my mums other suggestion can't

Dad's Ashes Sparks Hilariously Dark Brainstorm

Just a chip off the old block.
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Jokes and memes for dads and about them | Every girls weakness: bottom half of a man in jeans and sneakers. man cheering from outside a window as a woman is getting interviewed: MY WIFE DOING ANYTHING

Dad Memes That Go Father Than Ever Before

For the dads out there.
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Funny tweets and memes about dads and parenting | monkey puppet meme Mom: Stop doing But dad lets Dad. dads wait everyone else wake up so they can tell them they've been up since 6am.

Tweets and Memes to Keep Dads Going Through These Dark Times

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Dad's Facebook post calls out parents who hand out cheap Halloween candy.

Dad Critiques Parents Who Hand Out Cheap Halloween Candy

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50 Shameless Individuals Share the Most Dad Thing They Did This Year

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21 Dad Jokes In Honor Of Father's Day

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Awesome Dad And His Son Are Having The Time Of Their Lives (11 Images)

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dads going behind moms backs

28 Dads Share Their Best "Don't Tell Your Mother" Moments

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