What's Mine Is Yours

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Determined Dad Put A "Wife Wanted" Ad in the Paper for His 48-Year-Old Son

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The Perks of Fatherhood

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Adorable... But Where'd That Money Come From?

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This Dad Got a Tattoo of His Son's Cancer Scar to Help Give Him an Extra Confidence Booster

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The Great White Hole We Call Earth

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Celebrate Father's Day With This List of Amazing Dad Things

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A Compilation of Dads and Their Kids Getting Extreme

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Now That's What I Call White Dads: Volume Corny Dancing

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This Guy Became Everyone's Dad at a Music Festival and They Just Went Along With It

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the joys of being a father

15 Humorous Dad Tweets to Remind You How Fun Being a Father Is

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This Guy Will Not Stop Sneaking up Behind His Dad and Scaring Him

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Dads Drop Life Advice After Getting Completely REKT Taking Dabs

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How Nerds Sign Things

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This is a Parent

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Getting Ready

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