An entitled coworker keeps stealing a desk, so a petty alarm clock revenge ensues.

Entitled Coworker Keeps Stealing Desk, Alarm Clock Revenge Ensues

A successful petty revenge, indeed.
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boss jobs work coworkers lol story hubris funny - 15708677

Obnoxious, Connected Coworker Gets "Opportunity," Ends Up Firing Herself

Beautiful, delightful hubris.
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Coworker makes point to not mention typos, ends up wasting $90K

Employee Told Not To Mention Typo, Company Loses $90K

Typos are importnat.
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Co-worker scams free lunches out of people, and then he gets called out | AITA refusing buy coworker lunch Not hole 23M) have coworker (25M) who is mooch. If get something lunch, he wants get him something too, but expects buy him because since mentioned he says offered. At first thought maybe he had money problem, but then overheard him laughing and bragging someone another department about he able scam lunches out his coworkers, and he's attempted bully free meal out someone more than once.

Co-Worker Scams Free Lunches Out Of People, Gets Called Out

Um, rightfully called out.
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weird and crazy stories about employee complaints

Wild Employee Complaints That Turned Out To Be Legit

The professional world isn't that professional.
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funny work memes

Work Memes To Make Professional Life A Little More Tolerable

Only a little, though.
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A food-stealing coworker ends up being terminated after eating extremely spicy food.

Food-Stealing Coworker Gets Terminated After Eating Extremely Spicy Food

Absolutely serves them right.
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coworker smashes fish tank and initially refuses to take responsibility

Coworker Shatters Fish Tank, Doesn't Think They Have To Pay For It

Let's see how that works out.
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coworkers Office genius - 15200005

New Office Neighbor Enacts Epic 'Office Door Policy' That We Need to Standardize

Guy creates open door policy that should be common practice.
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An employee won't donate their vacation hours, and then their coworkers are mean to them.

Employee Doesn't Donate Vacation Hours To Coworker, Gets Called Out

Definitely a shady move by their boss.
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vegan employee refuses to deliver food with meat in it

Unreasonable Vegan Employee Refuses To Deliver Food With Meat In It

Why take the job, then?
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Coworker keeps trying to trick vegan coworker, cries when she won't eat her "vegan" cake

Vegan Employee Refuses To Eat Suspicious Cake, Coworker Cries

What ever happened to not bothering people.
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Annoying lunch policy malicious compliance revenge

Office Tattler Gets On Employee's Case Over Lunch Policy, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Thanks, Mindy.
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Woman gets targeted by a clique of nasty coworkers, and then a petty revenge ensues.

Woman Gets Targeted By Clique Of Nasty Coworkers, Petty Revenge Ensues

Should've just played nice.
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Some petty nagging between coworkers ends up evolving into a genuine friendship.

Petty Nagging Between Coworkers Evolves Into Friendship

They were just joshing each other.
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Woman refuses to donate her vacation days to a coworker, and then asks if she's in the wrong.

Woman Won't Donate Vacation Days To Coworker, Asks If She's Wrong

It's really on the company.
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