What's cool to you might not be cool to the next person, so make sure you really have a good idea what is in, and what is out.

cool scary wtf Terrifying technology robots amazing - 107252993

Boston Dynamics Has A Parkour Robot Now

Taking the robopocolypse into the third dimension.
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cool surprising interesting lava Video - 107231745

Lava VS Different Forms Of Glass

Lava doesn't play games.
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cool insects cheesecake interesting ants Video - 107217921

Time Lapse Video Of Ants Eating Cheesecake Is Immensely Satisfying

Ants are rad.
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A funny Tumblr post about how humans are actually space orcs.

Tumblr Thread: Humans Are Space Orcs

What a ride from start to finish.
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impressive cool awesome Video win flying - 107162625

US Helicopter Forced To Make Landing In Central Bucharest, Pulls It Off Smoothly

Nicely done there, sir.
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impressive cool awesome magician Video win magic - 107160321

Magician Performs Second Oldest Trick In Sleight Of Hand

He's an actual wizard.
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impressive cool Music awesome talented Video win - 107023873

Talented Street Musician Hands Out Goosebumps For Free

The work of an actual genius.
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cool wtf helicopter glitches video games funny weird - 107058945

FPS/RPM Matching Helicopter Is Some Real Life Glitch Action

When your helicopter is designed by Bethesda.
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cool birds technology awesome interesting Video - 106999553

After Effects Shows Off Vulture's Flight Pattern

Now this is awesome.
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guesses as to what will be normal in 10 years

People's Best Guesses As To What Will Be Normal By 2031

It's all up in the air, man.
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cool wtf car technology plane win airplane flying - 107045889

Literal Flying Car Makes First Inter-City Flight

Finally, people in the 2020s can have what people in the 50s thought they'd have by the 80s.
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transformers cool peter cullen awesome movies interesting optimus prime celeb Video - 107017985

Peter Cullen Explains Creative Process Behind Optimus Prime Voice

Voice actors are terribly underrated.
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cool robotics wtf technology eggs omelette robots future - 107013633

Impressive Omelet Robot Serves Humankind For Now

We're watching closely, omelet robot.
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guitar cool Music awesome Video win - 106994177

22-Year-Old Guitar Player Is A Legend In The Making

Christone "Kingfish" Ingram is going places.
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impressive cool Music awesome Video win - 106949121

Guy Plays "Gangsta's Paradise" On A Budget

So, he absolutely crushed it.
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cool racing sports awesome Video win oddly satisfying - 106901505

Oddly Satisfying Double Pitstop in F1

Pure efficiency.
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